Off-The-Wall Work Policies

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weird work policiesIt seems that the list of HR policies is ever-growing. While some workplace policies are mandatory, some workplace policies can be put into places as the result of an added benefit offered to employees. If you are considering adding a new benefit that is “off the wall” in nature, there are a few fun options you might consider.


Flexible Working Hours Policy


A flexible working hours policy allows employees the creativity of deciding which hours within the day fits their schedule best. Often times, a flexible working hours policy will contain core hours in which the employee must be at work or working and allows them the flexibility of when they will complete the rest of their work week. This policy can be great for locations with longer commutes or high traffic areas, allowing employees to maximize their day.


Unlimited PTO Policy


An Unlimited PTO Policy probably isn’t for every organization, but can be a great policy for some employers. Employees can’t always plan ahead for every absence and everyone needs a break every now and then. An Unlimited PTO Policy make take away some of the stress of having to miss personal commitments because of a lack of PTO and allow employees more freedom in their work schedules.


Pawternity Leave/ Pet Friendly Policy


I certainly remember bringing home that little ball of fur and the sleepless nights as well. Pawternity Leave can allow employees time to get their newest family member acclimated to their new home. Some employers also consider making their office location pet friendly. A policy can help define which types of pets are allowed on the premises and other specifics about the pet itself, such as making sure the pet is up-to-date on shots and flea-free!


Volunteer Time Off Policy


A Volunteer Time Off Policy allows employees to receive paid time off to participate in a volunteer program. Some organizations may have a volunteer program set up or you could allow employees to volunteer at the organization of their choice. Either way, this is a great way to encourage employees to give back to their community or an organization.


Of course, if you are considering a new policy that is the result of an added benefit, make sure that it is a policy that employees will value. For example, if most of your jobs require someone on site, and unlimited PTO policy may create strife among employees, not to mention a scheduling nightmare. Or if you have several employees that are allergic to dogs, a pet friendly may not be best. Knowing your employee base is always a safe bet when unveiling any new policy.

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