university professionals at the roundtableAmy Gazaway, Career Development Coordinator for Oklahoma State University – College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, has been to so many Roundtable events that she says she’s lost count. Which is why she wants to let university professionals know what they also stand to gain and how they can develop their careers at the annual Ag & Food HR Roundtable presented by


Why have you continued to attend the Roundtable? What is valuable about it for university professionals, specifically?


The HR Roundtable provides the best opportunity for university professionals to develop relationships with and learn from industry representatives about how to best prepare students for and connect students to industry talent needs. There is no other opportunity that brings together the number of industry organizations specifically in agriculture and food for this purpose.


The conference allows time for the development of relationships with new representatives not familiar or connected with our college or its programs, as well as time to reconnect with representatives with whom our campus has a long-standing relationships, and time is provided to discuss current issues related to recruitment and student preparation. That time is rarely available when employers visit our campuses, as their focus and ours is more directed at facilitating their student connections. I learn something new every year from attending the HR Roundtable, as the industry and students change a little bit every year, and it is incredibly beneficial to be able to discuss those changes with industry representatives and other university professionals. The HR Roundtable is, without question, my favorite professional development event.


Is there a strong takeaway that you’ve had from a previous Roundtable that comes to mind?


The takeaway that sticks out the most in my mind is the discussions in 2016 about the use of technology in talent acquisition. I definitely gained a better understanding of the benefits from the employer’s perspective and learned a lot about how to help my students navigate technology to connect with employers of interest.
Another takeaway is the perspective gained from continuous discussions and presentations emphasizing the critical nature of employability skills. The feedback and knowledge I receive about employability skills each year provides me with the information necessary to both have important conversations with students, faculty, and staff about student employability skill development and to lead our college’s efforts in employability skill development outside of the classroom.


There’s still time to register for the 2017 Ag & Food HR Roundtable in Kansas City, Missouri! University professionals are invited to register for the low rate of $525. Get registered to attend this career-changing event now.

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