Who’s Searching AgCareers.com?

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Correction: This post was written by Bonnie Johnson, AgCareers.com Marketing Associate
AgCareers.com Each year AgCareers.com reviews job seeker trends on our site and evaluates the future job outlook in the ag industry. With nearly 2.3 million visits to www.AgCareers.com in 2015, we decided to take a closer look at the candidates searching for careers in agriculture and using our site.


AgCareers.com has qualified job candidate traffic throughout the United States, however, the largest region is the Midwest region or those seeking employment in that region. This is reasonable as applicant location traditionally reflects where the job opportunities reside. The Midwest region had the most applications (41%), followed by the South (27%) and the West (16%).


Similar to the U.S., there is job seeker traffic throughout Canada, however, more than 40% of applications were from candidates in the Central region (Ontario & Quebec). The Central region had the most applications, followed by the Western region. The Western region saw the biggest jump in the past year, going from 22% to 34% of total applications.


The majority of AgCareers.com’s job seekers (64%) had a bachelor’s degree or higher. Twelve percent had an associate’s degree, 3% had a skilled trade certificate and 20% listed a high school diploma as their highest level of education. These educational levels coincide with employers’ educational requirements- 47% of candidates had a bachelor’s degree while 45% of jobs posted on the site required a bachelor’s degree.


AgCareers.com draws applicant traffic from a wide range of majors and occupations both inside and outside of the agricultural industry. The majority of applicants had an ag-based degree (54%) while 35% had a non-ag degree.


The majority of applicants were currently or most recently in ag occupations (51%) while 38% were non-ag. Typically we find those in non-ag occupations have transferable skills applicable to agriculture, such as sales. The remaining applicants were composed of ag students (8%) and non-ag students (3%).


AgCareers.com is a valued resource for professionals with an established career history, as 44% of job seekers had greater than five years of experience. The site is increasingly becoming a key job search tool for students, new college graduates and young professionals; the percentage of applicants with five or fewer years of experience increased by 6% from 2014 to 2015. Nearly 1,800 internship opportunities were posted on AgCareers.com in 2015. There continues to be strong interest in internships from our users, with “intern” and “internship” topping our list of most-searched keywords in 2016.


Want to find out more about AgCareers.com candidates and also, the latest job posting trends? Download a free copy of the full U.S. or Canadian 2015 Agribusiness Job Outlook Report.

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