Why You Should Take Your Kids to Work

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Take your kids to work in agriculture AgCareers.com just completed our second “Take Your Kids to Work Month” photo contest. In it, we asked parents working in agriculture to take their child or children with them to their place of employment for a day or a portion of a day so that their kids could see firsthand what their parents do. The main goal was to educate kids about careers in agriculture. We received nearly 60 submissions, all posted to our Facebook page, and awarded all children who participated a free “Future AgCareers.com Job Seeker” t-shirt.


Though our contest has concluded, there is no reason why you can’t still take your kids to work for the day with you. Here are three reasons why you should take your kids to work with you.


3 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Kids to Work


1. It’s fun: You might think it sounds like a challenge and a distraction, but most participants we’ve heard from have said that their children enjoyed it and didn’t mention any struggle. In fact, the adults typically enjoyed their time as much as the kids did. Besides, you don’t get to spend enough time together, right?


take your kids to work in an agriculture lab2. Your kids will see what you really do first hand. Have you ever seen those memes that say, “What society thinks I do, What my friends think I do, What I actually do”? Unless you work on a farm and your kids grew up seeing you working, it’s not likely that your kids actually know what you do on a day-to-day basis. If you work in a lab or an office, all your kids might know about what you do is their impressions from television or the media. Show them what a day in the life is really like for you, so they might appreciate it a little more and in turn let their friends know too.


3. You’re cultivating interest in agriculture for a new generation. The entire goal of this project is to educate kids about agricultural careers and to get them interested in pursuing one themselves some day. Honestly, up to a certain age, kids think their parents are super heroes, so why not grasp that attention while they’re young and leave a lasting impression? Getting to see what something is really like firsthand sparks an interest like nothing else can. And if the world’s population is going to boom to 9.5 billion by 2050, we need more people invested in the future of agriculture to feed them. Start them while they’re young. Tell them why agricultural careers are important and why you’re making a difference every day doing what you do.


take your kids to work in agribusiness

Things to Know Before You Take Your Kids to Work With You


As a tip, use your own judgment based on your job, work environment, demands of your day, and your child’s age to determine whether or not it would be best to bring your child to work with you. Please consider an appropriate length of the visit considering your work day, and consult with your manager or human resources department regarding your company policy for bringing children to work.


Let agcareers@agcareers.com know if you take your kids to work–even though our contest is over, we’d love to send your child a free t-shirt when we start our contest again next October. Check out AgCareers.com to learn about our other agvocacy outreaches and to search for great jobs in agriculture. Every day, we work to promote the industry, and we hope that you will do the same.

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