Persuading a Candidate with Multiple Job Offers to Join You

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Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 11.24.52 AM copy copyby Victoria Price, 2015 Marketing Intern


The hiring process is always an exciting and difficult time for both employers and job seekers. So employers, when you find the right employee, you might think you’re home-free, but then you find out they’re wanted by other companies. How do you persuade a candidate with multiple job offers to join your team?


There are many tactics that can be utilized to persuade a candidate to join your team. Promoting your company is the first step to any tactic to take to make sure your company name is known and recognized among job seekers. The Agribusiness HR Review documents that the five  most effective means of reaching prospective applicants is through corporate websites, social media sites, association or trade journals and newsletters, and industry-specific job boards. Drew Ratterman, Commercial Workforce Leader for Dow AgroSciences, said that in addition to promoting their own job board and through, they have an employee referral program to “bring similar talent to the table” when hiring.


“We try to let them see and invite them to the office to understand the company culture and show them the environment they will be working in,” Ratterman said.


Once applicants have received an offer, both Ratterman and Julie Venierakis, Senior Director of Human Resources & General Services at Valent, promote their company’s culture to persuade candidates. “In our interview process, we take the time to explain our company values, our vision, and how each individual can contribute to our success,” Venierakis said. “We expose candidates to this aspect of our culture by including multiple team members during the recruitment process to help paint a realistic picture of the team dynamic.”


Presenting your company’s benefits is also very persuasive. According to the HR Review, the top strategies to persuade candidate are offering better benefits and compensation, having recognition programs, and giving flexible hours. Top benefits that are offered to each employee include health insurance, tuition reimbursement, 401 K/retirement savings, anniversary rewards, bonuses and mobile phones. Ratterman advises candidates when trying to decide to “look at promotional opportunities to grow in the company and look at direct benefits, versus variable pay. Don’t just look at the bottom line.”


Another strong tactic to use when persuading a candidate is presenting opportunities to grow within the company and establishing a career path. Valent demonstrates internal mobility to their candidate as a tactic. “As a company, we are incorporating not only the regional opportunities into our recruitment program, but also the potential for employees to expand their careers in our global network,” Venierakis said.


Ratterman said that Dow AgroSciences also describes the promotional opportunities to candidates since many job opening are created because the incumbent was promoted.


“It is exciting, as well as, a compliment to obtain multiple job offers; however, it can also be difficult to distinguish the best path,” Venierakis said. “We encourage candidates to make a thoughtful assessment of how an opportunity with Valent aligns best with the candidate’s strengths, interests and future career goals.”


The hiring process can be challenging when candidates have multiple job offers, but making sure you have a plan in place to help persuade a candidate to join your team will ensure you hire the right candidate for your team.


Put yourself in this position. Consider posting an opportunity to AgCareers.comValent and Dow AgroSciences have their plan in place to persuade candidates to take positions for their current job posting such as sales representative. Be sure you to do and benchmark your benefits and resources with the Agribusiness HR Review.

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