Niche Job Boards vs. Generic Job Boards

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Using PhoneWhen recruiting or exploring careers within a specific industry (such as agriculture), recruiters and jobseekers have many options when looking at online tools. When specifically discussing job boards, there are many generic job boards that cater to all industries and there are niche job boards that work within a specific industry such as Many job boards, both niche and generic, have information about market trends, tools to help both jobseekers and employers among other resources. The the job board is a useful tool in examining the current labour market within agriculture. In addition to job postings, also provides salary data, market research, internship program data and career profiles, which all provide a comprehensive review of the labour market and trends within the agriculture industry.


These tools could be used by individuals and organizations to support applications for funding or government-assisted training in the sectors and job types that are forecast or currently to be in need. Additionally, has a University Partners program where many schools advertise their agriculture-relevant programs to prospective students. This gives prospects a great overview of the types of programs available and the schools that offer them.



All of these industry-specific resources are what separates niche boards from generic boards. The information is more specific and relevant to the industry which is more useful to companies making recruitment decisions and individuals looking for employment or career changes. For employers specifically looking for candidates with an industry-specific background and/or education, niche job boards provide the most direct pipeline of relevant and experienced candidates.



While it is important to examine and understand labour trends on a whole, understanding and specializing in specific industries will be crucial now and for the future. “First, our assumptions that general skills will be valuable has to be questioned. It seems clear to me that in a joined-up world where potentially 5 billion people have access to the worldwide Cloud, the age of the generalist is over.” -Gratton, L. (2011). The Shift. Retrieved from Introduction – Predicting the Future of Work, page 18.


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