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Shelby McArthur - Western US Account ManagerShelby McArthur serves as’s Western United States Account Manager. Hired in June 2015, she works out of a home office in McArthur, California.


What do you do on a day-to-day basis in your role with


I manage the job board sales and partnership clients for the Western region. I really enjoy working with all of our clients and really strive to give them the best customer service possible. I pride myself on a quick response time and try to be as punctual as possible.


What do you enjoy about working with


I love that I get to work and build relationships with clients from all aspects of the industry. I love working for the company as a whole. It has a great family dynamic and I love working with all the team members.


What advice would you give to employers using for the first time?


Sit down and take some time to review the site. Get to know the different aspects of it and register an account. There is a lot more to the site than just the job board. Really dive in and look around. Sign up for the Talent Harvest blog as well and feel free to contact representatives with any questions. We love to answer questions from those interested in using the site.


What is one of your favorite memories while working with


I loved going to the North Carolina office and spending a week over there. It was really great to get to know some of my coworkers. I enjoyed getting to meet them and learning more about the company, and I also got to see a different part of the country.


Shelby McArthur - Western US Account Manager with

In your spare time, what do you like to do on the weekends?


I feel like we are so busy so when I get a weekend at home, I really enjoy cooking and getting to spend time with my family. My husband (pictured to the left) is a farmer and is really busy, so I like to go out and spend time with him when he is working and I enjoy the ranch that we live on. We do hay, cattle and wild rice.


What’s your favorite snack and name one thing you can’t live without while working?


I love cheese, but probably my favorite snack is a piece of cheddar cheese. I can’t live without Pandora. When I’m not talking to people, I have to have some music on. I listen to everything.


Favorite book & favorite movie?


I’m reading Ben Carson’s A More Perfect Union, and I love it. It’s a great book. I wish that I would carve out more time to read. And I love anything with Sandra Bullock but my favorite movie is Hope Floats. It’s a guilty pleasure.


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