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UnknownOne of our strategies for 2015 at included the addition of a couple of “blogs” to our social media arsenal. Viola, now we have Talent Harvest, our blog for HR Professionals, and Career Cultivation for all levels of talent. While we have been talking about it for a couple of years, I must admit I really did not understand exactly what a blog was until early this year. While doing a little homework to educate myself, I fund the following definition: “Blogs serve as tools to deliver timely information with a personal touch in an informal or conversational style.”


When you conduct searches on the Internet for information, you will likely land on something interesting and not even realize that you have just read a blog. The cool thing about blogs is that you can subscribe (via email) to select blogs of interest and you will receive routine update notifications. There are literally thousands of blogs out there! Just Google some of the following: wine blogs, pet blogs, food blogs, vacation blogs, etc. and you will find all sorts. For our Human Resource and Recruiting professional friends, I would like to share a few blogs that I subscribe to and enjoy reading:


  • Omega HR Solutions by Mike Haberman – Mike is an HR consultant and HR Generalists. He specializes in employment compliance and supervisory training. Mike’s blogs tend to be more geared to small businesses and business owners.


  • Talent Management and HR TLNT by various authors – This is one of the most socially shared HR blogs on the Internet, with over 50,000 shares on various social sites. I’d refer to this blog as a great place to go for “the business of HR”. It covers topics from recruiting, legal needs, management training, benefits, technology and more.


  • Steve Boese’s HR Technology by Steve Boese – I like Steve’s blog for two main reasons: first, it’s funny and second, it’s one of the best online resources for up-and-coming HR technology.


By the way, one more thing I enjoy about blogs – most allow the readers to express their opinions and ask questions. This creates a great way to interact with peers interested in the same subject matter!


Happy blogging!

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