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becoming an partnership clientYou won’t find very much information on the website about our Partnership Program. That’s because we don’t promote it like a product offering. In fact, we don’t promote it at all. It is designed as a true Partnership model, where an employer and partner up to form an effective relationship. We make it a priority to understand recruitment strategy and the measurement of success before we even begin discussing the potential for an employer to participate at the Partnership level.


So what is the Partnership Program exactly? The Partnership Program is the best way to connect with active and passive candidates within the ag and food industries. The core structure of the program allows employers to take advantage of unlimited job postings and resume database access; prime real estate for those jobs and employer brand; as well as the ability to customize recruitment strategy with additional resources only available to our Partner employers. So how do you know if your company would be a fit for the program? Answering “yes” to some of the following questions could mean that it might be worth exploring becoming an partnership client:


Consider Becoming an Partnership Client: Questions to Consider


1. Have you recently re-branded or gone through a merger/acquisition and need to gain visibility as a new entity?
2. Is your company positioned for growth over the next year?
3. Do you feel like the company could really benefit from social media engagement, but you don’t have the bandwidth to start/maintain that presence internally?
4. Do you want to attract top industry professionals and be seen as an employer of choice?
5. Are you looking to benchmark your company roles to understand how competitive your compensation packages are compared to industry peers?  Are you interested in industry specific market research pertaining to human capital?


Get Started


There are so many benefits to becoming an Partner, especially if you approach the relationship like it’s designed:  A True Partnership.  The team stays focused on delivering innovative service offerings, and we do that through the true partner relationships we have served over the last fifteen plus years.  If you are interested in learning more about the program, please contact your representative. Also, view current partners.

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