Using Video in Recruitment

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video in recruitmentUsing video in recruitment is quickly becoming a core component of talent acquisition. To gain a competitive advantage, many companies are adapting their traditional recruitment strategies and processes to incorporate the use of video in candidate sourcing, selection, and beyond.



Employer Brand – Videos help employers stand out by bringing more recognition and innovation to their brand. On company career sites, videos can be used to showcase information about the company and the careers offered, such as “a day in the life” videos for certain key roles. Videos reveal a genuine look at an organization’s culture and what it’s like to work there, connecting the recruiter to the right candidates more effectively.

Video Job Descriptions – Embedding brief videos into job postings offers a couple of unique advantages. First, videos make job postings stand out in the competing space for talent. Second, job videos more effectively communicate the expectations for the role, resulting in better quality candidates. A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is even more powerful. Studies have shown that job seekers understand and retain up to 60% more about a position by watching a video versus reading text alone. Videos allow candidates to determine if they are a good fit for the position/organization and they feel compelled to apply. Lastly, video job descriptions reach the right peer audiences through social shares. About 92% of mobile video consumers regularly share videos with others. These videos contribute to an impressive 56% average reduction in cost per hire.
Social Channels – A company can expand its recruiting reach by sharing its company and/or job postings videos across social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.). Videos help increase SEO. In fact, job postings that include video are more likely to show up in a job seeker’s search results than those that don’t.



Video Interviewing – With video interviewing, the screening process is automated and allows for consistency. Typically used for initial screening steps, questions are prepared and sent via an e-mail invitation to the candidate. At the candidate’s convenience, they can record themselves answering the questions. Utilizing this method, employers get a good look at a candidate’s character, competencies and communication skills. It allows for immediate feedback with the team screening the interviews to help keep the process flowing – even if some members of the selection team are remote. And if the candidate is long-distance, this allows for a cost-effective way to screen them. A video recruitment service can be implemented with minimal time or monetary investment. Also, typically the vendor is online and easily accessible to make rapid changes as needed.


After the Hire

After the candidate is sourced, interviewed and hired, companies can save time and money by utilizing videos for consistency in onboarding. From employer handbook, to benefits enrollment, to job training videos, new hire performance is enhanced by incorporating videos to help them learn about the company’s processes and values. Happy new hires equate to reduced employee turnover!


Using video in recruitment is a great strategic tool to leverage employer brand and attract top talent, while ensuring a more efficient process and enhanced experience for the new hire.


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