Using an Online Resume Database Wisely

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There are many avenues to take when searching for candidates. In addition to posting a job on a job board such as and receiving applications directly, another tool available to employers and recruiters is online resume databases. Many sites and job boards have databases that are searchable for employers, and both active and passive job seekers will upload their resumes. Active job seekers are those potential candidates who are actively applying to positions and networking within their industry to investigate opportunities. Passive job seekers are those potential candidates who would be willing to consider an opportunity under the right conditions, but are not actively applying to open job postings.
At, we have a resume database that contains over 6,000 active resumes across North America. The majority of these candidates are individuals with agriculture experience and education, looking to move into another role within the industry. The database asks candidates to select a maximum of 5 career types and 5 industry types when they upload their resume.

There are two ways to narrow down your candidate search:
Resume Search Agent: The search agent tool is a quick way to save simple search that automatically updates with the most recent resume additions every time you log into your account. The search agent only includes a keyword field and a location field, meaning it is best for simple and specific search criteria.
Main Search Page: To start a search, recruiters can select career type, industry type and/or location followed by a keyword search field. My advice is to start a wide search, usually specifying a state/province and once you receive your results, you can refine your results by the candidate’s experience, education and salary specifications.
Once you have reached the results page and want to investigate specific candidates, there are a few different options. You can view the candidates resume, candidate details, add comments (for future reference) and view activity. Other options are to save the resume to your own device/computer, email the resume to an email address you specify, or directly contact the candidate from the resume database. In contacting the candidate from the database, the system sends your message to the candidate who can then choose to respond.
In conclusion, resume databases can be a very valuable resource in sourcing candidates. If you are looking for someone with agricultural experience and education, the database is the one for you! All employers who create an account and post positions with get access to the database or access can be purchased for a monthly fee. For more information, please visit and create an employer account or contact at 1-800-929-8975.

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