technology in recruitmentRecruitment can be stylish, trendy and leading edge; does your company reflect this image? Just like the fashion world, has your company updated their “look” when it comes to the technology tools available when hiring? Traditional recruitment is evolving with a new image, and is your guide when highlighting some of the looks for effective recruitment practices from a technological perspective. Here are three E’s of technological recruitment: Embrace, Evaluate, and Engage.
1. Embrace social media, online and digital technology. It continues to be an appealing area for all ages with the ability to network and connect socially. We can’t say it enough: you need to be a part of the conversation and engage your candidate audience on the social network. Whether it is through Facebook, Twitter or a blog, it is important to be seen and heard. encourages you to be apart of the Career Cultivation Job Seeker blog and the Talent Harvest Employer blog. Job boards and social sites like the blog are what drive candidates to apply to your career opportunities. Being a part of the conversation is one of the ways to utilize technology tools to connect with potential hires.

2. Evaluate your Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Is this current tracking tool that you have the right ‘look’ for your company? Does it attract the right candidate by distributing your jobs to the places that best match your applicant needs? Are you able to customize the dissemination of your information? Are you able to mange the candidates in the way that you desire? works with multiple ATS systems and can advise you on the tools that are the best fit for your company. At the end of the day, the most important question is whether or not your ATS system work best with your mobile recruitment strategy.*Mobile Career Site and Apps usage has been increasing with 43.1 percent of employers citing General Use (23.9 percent) or Differentiating (19.2 percent) as a channel.*Be sure to download the IOS App and the Android App coming in August 2015.
3. Engage. Because it’s important to remember that technology can be dehumanizing. Although we can all agree technology has an important place in recruiting, it cannot entirely replace human interaction. continues to challenge the agricultural industry to be quick and cost effective in recruitment. However, that is one of the strong benefits of the agriculture industry we recognize the need for face to face meetings, phones calls and events. We encourage you to use the website to source your next hire, but make sure you put on your personal style and really discover and know who the candidate is that you meet!


Remember, has the ability to make sure your company is using current technology and ensuring your “Look” is relevant in today’s employment market by using the three E’s: Embrace, Evaluate and Engage.

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