Roundtable Perspective Series: From a First-Time Attendee

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14861683183_3a2d7525a2_oThe Ag & Food HR Roundtable is quickly approaching and with more than 200 participants registered to attend, it looks to be an exciting and memorable event with valuable discussions about recruitment and retention within agriculture and food. Employers and college/university career services professionals gather to network and draw conclusions from a variety of dynamic speakers.
Breanna Lee, the West Region Recruiter for Crop Production Services based in Fresno, California, will be attending her first Ag & Food HR Roundtable and shared some of her thoughts and expectations for the upcoming event.
Q: What do you know about the Ag & Food HR Roundtable? Has your company sent representatives before?
A: The Ag & Food HR Roundtable Conference is an opportunity for HR and university professionals to network with one another and discuss pertinent topics regarding recruitment and retention of future employees within our companies and universities.  Crop Production Services has participated in this event in the past; the recruiters within our company (Cornbelt Central, Cornbelt East, our manager of Recruiting and Sales Training along with my predecessor [West Region]) have all been extremely impressed with the networking opportunities with other industry and college career service representatives and speakers throughout the conference. 


Q: What are your expectations as a first-time attendee?
A:  As a first time attendee, I look forward to hearing different perspectives on student recruitment and branding that I can implement in my program this upcoming year. It will be a great opportunity to make connections with other HR recruiters from around the country as well.
Q: What is your purpose for attending this year’s Roundtable? What are you hoping to get out of it?
A: Being new to this position, it is important for me to participate in this year’s Roundtable to meet and greet with other recruiters from around the country. I look forward to learning new tips and tricks for recruitment and retention along with discussing obstacles that we may face as an industry in the future.
Q: Which session are you most looking forward to?
A:  I look forward to the “Handling Difficult Conversations in Agriculture” session; it is important to embrace any opportunity that presents itself to converse about our industry and to be an advocate of agriculture!


I, like Breanna, will be attending my first Rountable event this August and can’t explain how much I am looking forward to it after being in this position with for 18 months, knowing what an impact it has on career and education professionals around North America as well as how much my coworkers look forward to it and the work they put into planning it.
Keep up with Talent Harvest, as I will be interviewing a long-time attendee of the Roundtable to get their reactions as well. Also, following the Roundtable, I will be reporting back on the blog about Breanna’s reactions as well as my own takeaways as first-time attendees.
There is still time to register! Visit the Roundtable page to learn more about the event and register as an attendee.

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