Rewarding Employees for the Holidays

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Rewarding Employees Over the HOlidaysThe Christmas and New Year’s Holidays can be a great time for employers to sow seeds for spring harvest. Consider this – employee referrals consistently rank in the top 3 as effective sources of recruiting talent (might include link here to our HR Review). Senior Leadership within organizations should keep this in mind as Q4 comes to an end and do all they can to help their top talent end the calendar year motivated and in a positive frame of mind. Give your top talent something to talk about over the Holidays – especially if the organization plans to recruit new talent in the coming months. Below are a few ideas for business leaders to consider in exceeding staffs’ expectations:


Rewarding Employees for the Holidays:


· Surprise staff with a few extra PTO around the Holidays.
· Give staff gift cards to share with friends that might represent good hires for the company.
· Provide current employees with awareness of “hard to fill positions” just before the Holidays and “up the ante” on the referral bonus/reward.
· Include a special note in the year-end bonus distributions encouraging top talent to be on the lookout for talent that has similar skills and abilities. Make this personal by the way.
The Holidays are a time when people reflect on their lives and contemplate career moves. They interact with friends and family and compare notes. People talk about their careers and their employers. At for over 10 consecutive years, January and February have consistently been the highest months in terms of applicant activity. If you are a business leader or owner and are seeking to improve your employer brand, consider taking advantage of the Holidays and give your employees something to brag about or “TWEET about” with their friends and family!

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