10 Ways AgCareers.com Can Do More for Your Recruitment Strategies

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recruitment strategiesRecruiting for your employer is a well-earned honor. It takes a special person to be able to sift through applications, interview candidates, and determine if that person will be a good fit for your company. What if they get a better offer somewhere else? What if they don’t really have the experience you were hoping to hear about? Or what if your job post gets zero applications? Fear not, we’ve got you. And we have all the answers to assist your recruitment strategies.


We have been supporting a community of 200,000+ industry professionals through career transitions for 20 years. We have the experience, connections and resources to enhance your recruitment strategies to help you find talent perfect for your specific company. Below are 10 ways AgCareers.com can do more for your recruitment strategies.


1. Market Research


Prep yourself! Are you curious what candidates may think of their experience with you? Check out this Candidate Experience Survey Analysis. How diversified is your workplace? Did you know that 53% of organizations indicated that their recruiting strategies are aimed at increasing the diversity represented in their organization? There’s good stuff on this page!


2. Agribusiness HR Review

This is one of my personal favorites – it has all the information you didn’t even know you had wondered about. Did you know that 93% of agribusiness companies conduct salary reviews? Or how about 49.5% of companies measure their employee satisfaction and engagement? This report shows a range of human resource best practices and emerging trends from agribusinesses across North America over the last twelve months.


3. Career Guide

Interested in recruiting young, motivated, fresh-out-of-college talent? This resource is a direct connection to your ideal candidate pool! Distributed to over 150 university and college ag departments, this guide provides an opportunity to reach out to students who will soon enter the workforce.


4. Compensation Benchmark Review

So back to that stat in #2, where I said that 93% of agribusiness companies conduct salary reviews. That is a high percentage! Are you doing that? How does your job offer compare to your competitor’s? Don’t lose your perfect candidate because you didn’t offer something simple like a gym membership when all other parts of the offers are equal. Stay competitive!


5. Job Board

The classic. The bread and butter of AgCareers.com. The job board. This is where to post your opportunities if you want to use the leading ag-specific job board for recruitment advertising. Not only are more than 9,000 applications processed per month, but posting a job includes access to the Resume Database so you can proactively search for candidates at the same time!


6. Custom Talent Sourcing

So the job board is great, and you love it. But you have a position that is in a hard-to-fill location. Or maybe one that you need filled ASAP. Let me introduce you to the Custom Talent Sourcing Package. We do all the work for you! This includes a social media/digital marketing campaign, customized network outreach and even a compensation report from our Compensation Benchmark Review. All without you lifting a finger and a fraction of the cost of using a traditional executive search. Yes, this is real life.


7. In-Person Workshops


AgCareers.com has presented a number of in-person workshops around training, internship programs, and more. We look forward to presenting our first workshop focusing on “Crucial Conversations” this April 24-25 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Please register here to join us!


8. Internship Benchmark Survey


Ah yes, the interns. The up and coming generation of talent that you can’t wait to hire once they graduate. They have experience with your company, you enjoyed working with them, and you are ready to bring them on full time. There’s just one small catch…what if they didn’t have a great experience over the summer? How would you ever know? Cue the Internship Benchmark Survey. This is a confidential evaluation of your program in an industry benchmarking format. It gives feedback from interns both at the beginning and after their experience.


9. Webinars

These beauties are wonderful. Not only do you have an opportunity to learn from the experts on the topic presented, but you can do it from the comfort of your own computer! Do you have multiple employees you would like to have participating? Gather them all! Pay the same price and have as many people in the room as you can fit! Learning, training, collaborating…all at a low price. What can be better than that?


10. Ag & Food HR Roundtable


Alright, this is the big kahuna. The premier event. The reason people are counting down to go to Ames, Iowa this summer. The Ag & Food HR Roundtable. This is THE North American event for HR and educational professionals! These three days are packed with relevant content, networking and even recertification credits by the HR Certification Institute. If you are focused on developing top-notch recruitment strategies for your organization, you can’t miss this agribusiness-focused event. This is the only industry specific event of its kind! You don’t want to miss out. Registration is open. Mark your calendars. We will see you in Ames!

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