Recruitment Challenges in Eastern Canada…and How to Overcome Them

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InterviewRecruitment in agriculture can be difficult. With a reported four vacancies awaiting each new graduate in this industry, recruitment brand and reputation has never been more important. The eastern Canadian provinces are facing their own set of challenges: low populations, bilingualism needs, and market limitations all affect the job market in Eastern Canada. As an employer, here’s a few option to consider as part of your recruitment strategy.


Bilingualism – Both Ontario and the Maritime Provinces have an increased number of bilingual opportunities because of their spatial relation to Quebec. If your vacancy requires a second language, go ahead and state the bilingual need right in the job title. If the candidate pool is limited, it is much easier to train other skills and experiences then it is to develop language skills.


Retention – With recruitment being such a challenge in eastern Canada, your best bet is to always retain the experienced talent that you already have. Use perks and professional development opportunities to keep your current employees motivated and engaged. Ask yourself what you love about working for your company. If you can’t easily answer that, then chances are other employees can’t either. Don’t risk losing them for a bit more flexibility or slightly more salary. Consider the Compensation Benchmark Review to establish what salary range is fair for each role your company employs in each sector and province.


Local Universities and Colleges – contact colleges and universities that have good feeder programs for your vacancies and establish your employment reputation before the students even graduate. Start with program counselors and see how you can establish a mutually beneficial relationship; they want to have their graduates find jobs right away, and you want to attract them to your company, either right when they enter the job market, or after they gain a few years of experience. Host an info night at the school, or at your company, with pizza and some swag to highlight your professional development programs and opportunities.


Relocation – Low populations and population densities in eastern Canada decrease your chances for hiring someone locally. Posting vacancies on the internet casts a wider net in which to find the right candidate. Western Canada had to take a similar approach several years ago during the oil industry peak; the most strategic job postings were not only attracting a candidate to a role and company, but also to a new community.  If your future hire isn’t in town, tell an outsider why they might want to move there – highlight schools, attractions, infrastructure, community, potentially even a relocation bonus. Finally, post the job on a job board, like, that has a national(and international) audience. If a job seeker in BC is looking for an agronomy job, you want your east-coast job to pop up in their search results. You just won’t have the same candidate pool to select from if you are posting in the local paper, or a job board that is specific to Atlantic Canada.


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