Recruiting A to Z

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recruiting a to zWe thought we’d have a little fun and explain recruiting from A to Z. Let us know what other things you associate with each of these letters when it comes to recruiting!


A. – You didn’t really think I’d start anywhere else, did you? Neither should you!


B. Benefits – Beyond the norm, what are some unique benefits you offer and can share?


C. Compensation – Make sure your comp is in line. Use our Compensation Benchmark Review™.


D. Develop – Can you promote within using a strategic development plan?


E. Educational Partners – Use these resources to connect with the right talent. Contact Career Services.


F. Fit – Ask questions of candidates that help determine the fit for the role but also the culture.


G. Growth – Candidates will want to know how they’ll grow within the role and company.


H. HR Review – This report provides the latest in agricultural recruiting trends.


I. Internships – Use past interns to help fill and recruit. How’s your program? Click here to measure.


J. Job Description – A first impression for the candidate. Write it well, legal and to engage.


K. Keep it Consistent – Try to keep consistency with your process so comparing candidates is simpler.


L. Leaders – Managers are important; make sure they are part of the full process. Train them to lead.


M. Millennials –Understand what makes this generation tick and highlight how you meet those needs.


N. Networks – Professional networks make for great sourcing of talent, particularly experienced talent.


O. Opportunity – To raise the bar on the level of talent in the role. Aim to hire higher each time.


P. Preparation – Prepare throughout the recruitment process, not just for the interview.


Q. Quick – Respond to candidates as quickly as possible, with updates along the way.


R. Roundtable – Don’t miss this educational, networking event to boost your recruiting strategies.


S. Sourcing – A key part to filling a role. Check out’s new solution!


T. Training – Make sure you have training and onboarding plans in place. Share during recruitment.


U. Understand – What are the true needs of the business and for this role?


V. Video – Consider video interviewing to screen and narrow the candidate pool. Cost savings!


W. Watch for Red Flags – While it isn’t smart to follow your gut entirely, use it to help you use caution.


X. E’X’tra – Take extra time if needed to repost or explore alternative candidates – you won’t regret it!


Y. Yes – Strive for that ‘Yes’. Have a follow-up plan for the transition time from offer to start date.


Z. Generation Z – Start learning about this up and coming generation! They’ll change our workplace.


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