Recruiters and Marketers: Which Habits Should They Share?

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recruiters and marketers

Guest Blogger: Helen Eagleton


Recruiters and marketers may seemingly have very different job functions. However, in the same way that a marketer must sell a company’s products or services, a recruiter may be able to sell a job opening to a talented candidate.


With this in mind, a recruiter may focus his or her efforts on cultivating top skills and habits that are necessary for success in the marketing field as well. These are some of the top areas that both marketers and recruiters can equally improve on.

Habit Number 1: Putting the Candidate First


Just as a successful marketer needs to focus on satisfying the needs of the customer, a successful recruiter must understand and satisfy the needs of a job seeker to be successful. In addition, marketers usually conduct thorough research to learn why consumers are drawn to some products, and recruiters also need to research job seekers to determine what they are looking for in a new position.


In both of these areas, professionals must work actively with people and determine what they need in order to be successful in their positions. More than that, they both need to actively put another person’s interests ahead of their own for optimal success. Finding the right talent may not be easy, but things can get easier if you are capable of viewing things from the candidate’s perspective.


Habit Number 2: Behaving Professionally at All Times


Both recruiters and marketers represent the company in a critical way, and the impression that they have on others may either help or harm the company’s image. Marketers, for example, should always be positive and promote the company’s products and services.


Communication is equally important with recruiters, who should follow established etiquette rules. Everything from having a professional appearance to being prompt with scheduled appointments and communicating professionally can reflect on both of these professionals.

Habit Number 3: Being Approachable and Friendly


Both marketers and recruiters must be “people persons” in order to be successful in their field. These individuals should always have a positive, upbeat attitude even if they are feeling tired, stressed, or otherwise unhappy.


Just as marketers need to be positive to sell products or services, recruiters need to be approachable and happy to attract top talent for job openings. Therefore, communication from both of these professionals should always convey positivity and respect. Even if you are having a bad day, you must find a way to either hide your negative feelings or overcome them. Remember that a smiling face goes a long way.

Habit Number 4: Pursuing Knowledge


Mahatma Gandhi said: “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” When considering these words in a business context, you can see that they apply to both marketers and recruiters. Successful professionals are interested in learning more about their field so that they can convey knowledge and expertise to others. So, learn everything and establish yourself as an influencer.


Moreover, you should also develop individually, which can reflect positively on your work. For example, being more educated will make you more confident and improve your ability to communicate about different topics. So start today! With educational websites, downloadable apps, online videos and more available resources, today it’s easier than ever to continually expand your knowledge.


Habit Number 5: Expanding Your Horizons


Successful marketers are usually open to new ideas, and one way to expand your horizons on a regular basis is to seek out new experiences in your daily life. For instance, make plans to go on a trip, or try a new restaurant at dinner. Rearrange your office or living room furniture, or take another route home from work to change things up.


These are only a few of the many ways that you can adjust your habits so that you are open to creative thinking. This mentality and willingness to accept change will flow through into your work activities.

Habit Number 6: Always Moving Forward


Both recruiters and marketers have tough jobs and, being in one of those fields, it can seem like you are faced with obstacles and setbacks daily. However, the most successful professionals in both of these fields always look forward and are never discouraged.


Obstacles and challenges can be viewed as an opportunity to learn and grow. Despite the hurdles that you face, remain punctual and organized, but also be willing to make adjustments in your plans for improved success in the future. Avoid letting past successes or past failures define you and you will succeed.



Did you notice that the first three habits relate to how you interact with others and that the last three habits are focused on you as an individual? The reality is that both your individual effort and your ability to interact with others are critical in marketing and recruiting. Focus your attention on these points as you look for strategic ways to improve yourself going forward.


Helen Eagleton, a freelance blogger from Boston, follows topics in the realm of education, technology, digital marketing, and business in general. When she’s not researching for her next article, she enjoys watching documentaries and exploring the nature. Reach her @eagleton_helen.

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