Memorial Day has come and gone for another year, yet remembering and honoring those who have served in our country’s armed forces should not be a single day event.  Traditionally, this U.S. holiday has been a day to remember those who have died while serving the country, however it also provides the perfect reminder to honor service members and veterans still here.


One way we can do this is to help military men and women transfer back into their civilian life after deployments and/or service.  As agricultural employers we have a great solution to assist — job opportunities!


Our preconceived notions often stereotype service member experience into things such as mechanical or other skilled trade expertise.  While many do have these critical areas of expertise, this talent pipeline brings so much more to the table.  Did you know, the military has over 7,000 job positions across more than 100+ functional areas and 81% of these jobs have a direct civilian equivalent?1


There are also many transferrable skills gained by serving in the military that service members often struggle to articulate.  Here are just a few skills that we as agricultural employers want within our organizations that many veterans possess thanks to their service1:

  • Project management
  • Personnel management
  • Training/instruction
  • Operations
  • Analysis
  • Leadership
  • Problem solving/decision making/trouble shooting
  • Process improvement
  • Sales


Don’t let Memorial Day be your one reminder.  Take action, do your part and serve our military men and women year round by helping them acclimate back into civilian life with a rewarding career in agriculture.


Consider becoming an employer supporter of the Ag Warriors initiative to demonstrate your willingness to employ service members.  There is no additional fee to be seen as a supporter; all that is required is the desire to help!


1The Value of a Veteran

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