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Meet Beth HalesBeth Hales, a decade-long member of, serves as the Director of Talent Solutions in the United States. She works from’s headquarters in Clinton, North Carolina.


What do you do on a day-to-day basis in your role with


My day-to-day activities revolve around leading our U.S. job board sales team and developing/executing on business strategy as part of the leadership team.


What do you enjoy about working with


My journey with has been ever-changing, and I enjoy the way our team tackles a variety of challenges in our efforts to be in tune with the industry and exceed customer expectations. I also enjoy the close working relationships that have been developed over the years. I feel that people in agribusiness, more than any other industry, prefer to collaborate and grow better together.


What advice would you give to employers using for the first time?


Add maximum posting exposure to your job posting. The competition on our site is fierce, with over 6,000 jobs listed directly by employers on any given day. The positioning and exposure elements of adding the maximum posting exposure can cause your posting to receive an average of 4x as many views, placing your posting in front of the right candidates for a great first experience of our community of experienced industry professionals.


What is one of your favorite memories while working with


Having been with the company and many of my co-workers for 10 years, there have been so many memories, but my favorites have really been on a more personal level. When my family faced a medical crisis earlier this year, my co-workers at and even some of our other business units poured in support that really touched our hearts. My family is so grateful for the support and encouragement during that tough time, and I feel very lucky to be a part of such a great group of people.


In your spare time, what do you like to do on the weekends?


My husband and I have both trained show horses, so we tend to be on the back of an equine in our spare time. I say “equine” because I have changed my loyalty from horses to mules, because they have such great personalities (they act more like a giant dog than a horse) and they are more of a challenge to train (if they don’t trust you, you can forget getting them to do anything for you).  We have two daughters, ages 5 and 7, that are now getting started with riding too. We are also really involved in our church, as my husband runs the audio/visual equipment, and I am part of the Praise Team.


What’s your favorite snack, and name one thing you can’t live without while working?


I have a serious addiction to cereal, especially Honey Nut Cheerios. I don’t keep cereal at work on purpose, because I would have no self-control. I couldn’t live without my dual monitors at work.  They are like cell phones. How in the world did we exist without them?


Favorite book and favorite movie?


I love movies like Ocean’s Eleven and Now You See Me, where I can’t predict the twist or figure out where it’s going. I am currently reading a parenting book, In This House, We Will Giggle, because we always have to be one step ahead of those munchkins to make an impact.


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