Making Relocation Easier on New Employees

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relocation among new graduates in agricultureOnce you have hired an employee and relocation will be required, there are many actions an employer can take to make the transition go smoothly for them. Employees who are moving have a big challenge ahead of them, and much of what goes on in their lives in the weeks or months to come has little to do with their new job. Moving is mentally, emotionally, and physically challenging! The way you support the relocation is an opportunity to assure the new hire that they made the right decision to join your team, makes them feel valued, and commences a smooth onboarding process. Here are some things to consider:


Approach the Idea with Enthusiasm


Help the new employee see the pros of the relocation over the cons. Be enthusiastic in all your communications regarding the new hire coming on board. Help them see the new opportunity as professional advancement and the overall long-term value of the relocation.


Offer Relocation Assistance


Consider a lump-sum relocation package or reimbursement of moving expenses. Take into account the employee’s unique living situation regarding moving. Will family members be relocating as well? What will their needs be? Is there a house to be sold/rented or a lease to be terminated? Will they need to make a house- or apartment-hunting trip to the new location before the move? Let the employee know up front what the company is willing to help with so the financial outlay of relocation becomes less of a distraction and perceived burden. Connect the employee with an agency or service that can assist them with finding a home and other services they may require. Also, take into account that the employee will need time off throughout the moving process. Ensure them that you understand all that moving entails and you will allow for ample time off to take care of the details.


Put It in Writing


Show the employee their value to your company by connecting with them personally with an offer letter that includes their new title, a summary of their new role and who they will report to, their compensation package, and relocation details. They will appreciate the assurance of having everything in writing.


Don’t Forget the Little Things


Help your new hire feel comfortable and confident about the process of relocation by remembering the little things. Consider a pre-move orientation trip for your new employee, and possibly their family members, which could include a customized tour of local attractions, restaurants, shopping, and schools. And this type of support can continue well after the move has taken place. Continue to recommend events, groups, and organizations that might interest them while they become more acquainted with their new hometown.


Your company’s efforts to attract strong talent can be greatly complemented with an equitable relocation support program. Help your new hire embrace relocation as the right move for them by offering well-rounded assistance. has done various research around relocation. Check out this infographic about habits of unemployed candidates, including their willingness to relocate.

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