Job Seeker Pet Peeves: What You’re Doing that Candidates Hate

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job seeker pet peevesIn most cases, “hate” is a strong word, but it is one word that job seekers will use to describe the application, interview and hiring processes of many employers. What exactly is it that they hate? The answer can vary depending on the industry, job type, and employer, but there are many common themes across all of these variables. And while some are difficult to change, others are not!


Job Seeker Pet Peeves


1. The ATS Abyss: Unfortunately depending on the size of your organization and other factors, this is difficult to change. The common perception among many jobseekers is that if you are applying via an online applicant tracking system (ATS) then you are essentially funneling your resume into a bottomless pit, never to be recovered.


2. The Interview Process: How long does it take to hire a candidate? Many job seekers express that they get turned off by a long interview process that drags on for months. This leaves an opportunity open for other employers to make an offer.


3. Not as advertised: Nothing turns off a prospective employee like turning up to the interview and discovering the job was not exactly how it was described in the posting.


4. Long communication delays: Most job seekers understand that things can change and come up, but if you have said you will let a candidate know by the end of the week and then you can’t make that deadline, a simple note explaining that goes a long way.


5. References: Asking for references right off the bat even if you are unsure whether you are going to call them. Most candidates will let references know to expect a call and do not want to have to let their references know about every job interview they go to unless they are a serious candidate.


At the end of it all, employers should remember that the hiring and interview process is something that job seekers will talk about with their network. How candidates are treated during the application, interview and hiring process can directly impact your employer brand and the quality of talent willing to consider your company. The common theme among all of these items is to be as clear and honest as possible about the position, company and hiring process!


Find more tips for communicating with candidates from the results of our Candidate Motivation and Behavior in the Agricultural Industry survey. Also, if you’re hiring interns, learn what makes interns tick in a special workshop this April: Internship Programs that Yield Results.

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