5 Tools on AgCareers.com You Didn’t Know Were There

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This year sees AgCareers.com celebrating its 18th anniversary – we’re practically ancient as far as web-based companies go! That’s almost 20 years of taking feedback from our clients and developing tools and resources that our industry needs. While our job board is the core of our business, and my personal focus, it really is just the beginning of what we do.


AgCareers.com is a practically a gold mine of free resources you may not know we have, so I thought I’d point a few out.


Resume Database

Most of our posting packages include access to our online resume database, although the majority of our clients never take advantage of this second venue to find the candidate they’re looking for. There are thousands of resumes that have been recently uploaded by our job seeking users that are open to being approached with other opportunities. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to find talent, ask your Account Manager if you have access.


Newsletter Archives

Sounds boring, but if there is a recruitment based subject you need to more about, we’ve probably written about it in the past. Subjects from Motivating Total Rewards, and Revealing Interview Questions, to how to write an effective job description to target the talent you’re after; if you’re interested in a topic, there is a pretty good chance we have covered it one of our previous newsletter articles.


Career Profiles

Speaking of job descriptions, if you’re stuck, check out our career profiles. We may have a job’s description already on hand that you can edit with your specific needs. Training and job responsibilities are listed for each role – add a bit about your company and what you offer and you’re done!


Market Research

AgCareers.com posts about 58% of all ag-related jobs in North America: over 70,000 jobs in the last year! Our variety of clientele and the sheer volume of postings allow us to compile and publish industry insights that you could have access too. Just the other week our Gender Roles & Equality in Agribusiness survey had over 1000 participants in the first few hours! Check out our Market Research page to see our Annual HR Review, Job Outlook Report or Candidate Motivation and Behavior Report among others.


Talent Harvest Blog

Obviously if you are reading this you know about our blog! Check back often to see what’s up at AgCareers.com, learn about our team members, and read up on trending human resource topics written by our own experienced team!


These are just 5 of the many extra resources on AgCareers.com, if there is something that you would find helpful related to Ag Human Resources, be sure to let us know. Chances are we already have what you’re looking for, if not we can help you find it!

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