HR Trends in Agriculture: 2019 Update

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HR recently released the twelfth edition of the Agribusiness HR Review. This one-of-a-kind report documents a range of human resource best practices and emerging HR trends from agribusinesses across North America over the last twelve months.


Positive indicators of salary increases and job growth were evident throughout the reports. And even though each year is laced with its own challenges, ag companies across North America are ready. Participating companies in both Canada and the United states reported that a large majority of their employees received an increase from July 2017 to July 2018. The predominant average increase received by both Canadian and U.S. employees was reported as 2.6-3.0% (26.19% U.S. and 24.53% Canada). Salary increases were coupled with a projected increase in workforce as noted by 64% of U.S. and 57% of Canadian participating agribusinesses. This number is up slightly in Canada and up 14% in the U.S. over last year’s numbers.


We invite employers, educators and agribusiness professionals to watch an overview of HR trends discovered in the report with our complimentary webinars on-demand. Register for free and watch at your convenience:


U.S. Agribusiness HR Review Trends Recap Webinar

Canadian Agribusiness HR Review Trends Recap Webinar


Competition for talent remains strong as reported in this year’s Agribusiness HR Review. Competing for talent and recruiting difficulties were again listed as the top concern of HR professionals in both Canada and the U.S. (71.43% U.S. and 42.59% Canada.) This competition for talent is forecasted to drive increased graduate recruitment within the U.S. and Canada. Canada also noted that a lack of quality applicants was a driver behind increased graduate recruitment. Employers are responding to the increased competition for talent by offering better benefits and higher Compensation in the U.S. and Canada.


Employers also noted they utilized a variety of avenues to attract talent. Employee referrals and networks were cited as the top avenue for attracting applicants. Additionally, over half of Canadian (61.11%) and U.S. (57.14%) companies used industry specific job boards such as Social media of course was also a popular tool used for recruiting. LinkedIn was noted as the favorite by Canadian employers and Facebook was the top choice for U.S. employers.


While the recruiting challenges remain, it seems that agribusiness companies across North America are poised to handle such challenges and are looking to an exciting 2019.
To learn more about the changes seen in new graduate recruitment, retention and attraction strategies such as workplace flexibility, download your copy of the full Agribusiness HR Review:


U.S. 2018-2019 Agribusiness HR Review

Canadian 2018-2019 Agribusiness HR Review


The Agribusiness HR review provides a range of human resource practices relevant to participating agribusinesses over the last twelve months within North America. The twelfth edition provides market knowledge, data and HR trends for 2018-2019. Topics covered include salary reviews, employee attrition, workforce trends, development, flexible staffing, bonus and incentive schemes, recruitment practices, and employer branding strategies.

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