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HR a to zWe know a thing or two about HR at! So we decided to have a little fun and create a list examining the in’s and out’s with the letters of the alphabet. Let us know what you would add!


A – All-inclusive – Need I say more?


B – Better Benefits – Offering better benefits historically ranks as one of the top methods employers use to compete with other employers. Mark your calendar now for’s webinar coming up later this year, Total Wellness & Comprehensive Benefits.


C – Comprehensive Compensation – Do your employees a favor and research current market pay trends, which you can do with’s exclusive Compensation Benchmark Review tool.


D – Devoted to diversity – Companies can achieve so much more with different backgrounds represented. Look out for the Diversity in Agriculture Virtual Career Fair this spring.


E – Engaged employees – Engaged employees are productive employees!


F- Fun Career Fairs – Check out which Career Fairs will be attending in the future!


G – Gifted generations – HR professionals are now tasked with motivating and incentivizing employees spreading across five different generations!


H – HR Review – will soon release the twelfth edition of the Agribusiness HR Review!


I – Inquisitive Interns – Did you know not only posts internship positions, but also conducts an Internship Benchmark Survey?


J – Job Seeker mobile app! The job seeker mobile app provides free access to search thousands of active jobs within agriculture and food.


K – Keen KPI’s – Key Performance Indicators help human resources professionals measure how effectively goals are being accomplished.


L –Leadership Coaching for New Managers – Being a new manager has its own set of challenges. Luckily offers a webinar to help facilitate a smooth transition.


M – Meaningful Market Research – Look no further for information about HR trends, workplace diversity, candidate experience and many more! conducts a number of surveys throughout the year to keep you informed!


N – New Networks – No HR professional should have to “go it alone”. There is no better way to network and learn about HR trends than’s Ag& HR Roundtable. Click here to learn more.


O – Outstanding Objectives – What is your human resources department working towards?


P – Post a Resume – whether you are looking for talent or looking for a job, we’ve got you covered.


Q – Quality information- Take a look at’s Infographics, which contain quality information about various positions within the ag industry.


R – Reliable Resume Database – If you’re looking to fill a job, check out our resume database to find qualified candidates.


S – Savvy Skills – will be hosting a webinar titled, Bridging the Skilled Trade & 2 Year Recruiting Conundrum.


T – Targeted Training – Make the most of training delivered to employees. Don’t waste working time on lackluster training programs! Check out webinars and workshops offered by


U – University Partners- A program intended to showcase and share information about educational opportunities in agriculture.


V – Valiant Veterans – Ag Warriors is a program that assists military men and women in the search of their career within the agriculture and food industries.


W – Wonderful Work-life Balance – workplace flexibility can provide employees with necessary schedule and environment to maintain a balance between home and work.


X- X’tra, X’tra read all about it! If you aren’t already subscribed, check out the Newsletter Archives for a plethora of human resources related articles and subscribe as well.


Y- Yearly Evaluations – Are you checking in with your employees? Having regular meetings to talk about performance is never a bad idea.


Z – Zealous Employees- Conducting regular employee engagement surveys can help pin-point the climate of the organization.


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