Hiring Unemployed Candidates

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inside the heads of unemployed candidatesUnemployed candidates are sometimes stereotyped as less desirable than those currently working- but is this always the case? Certainly not! Is your screening process eliminating applicants that are unemployed? If so, you could be missing a candidate that might be qualified or could be a great fit for your organization.


First, you need to look at why they are unemployed. Did they take time off to raise a family or relocate with a spouse? Were they part of a corporate restructuring or a major lay-off? Sometimes even the best employees are caught in situations that are beyond their control.


Are there advantages in hiring an unemployed worker?


No need to give a two-week notice–one of the major benefits is their ability to start immediately.


AgCareers.com surveyed candidates in the Candidate Motivation & Behavior in the Ag Industry survey, including questions for unemployed respondents about their job search behaviors.

AgCareers.com found that unemployed candidates were very flexible in their job search. The vast majority (88%) were open to relocation and overall more willing to relocate than employed respondents. For those open to relocation, nearly half were willing to relocate “anywhere.” In fact, “lack of opportunities in my location” was their most significant perceived barrier to finding a job.


The vast majority (72%) of unemployed respondents said they were willing to accept a cut in pay compared to their last position in order to secure a new job. Fourteen percent were willing to accept more than a 20% reduction in salary to secure a new position.


Keep an open mind when hiring for your next position. It may simply be a case where additional training is needed- you know the saying “Hire for Attitude, Train for Skill.” Pre-employment personality tests and assessments can be an extremely effective method to determine if someone will fit your company culture. It’s difficult to teach attitude, but if you hire for it, then it’s up to your team to teach the skills necessary to succeed in your organization.


Find out more about candidate motivation and behavior by downloading our full survey report here.

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