Hard-To-Fill Roles in Agriculture

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hard-to-fill roles in agricultureDo you have hard-to-fill roles in agriculture? There are many factors that a job seeker considers when searching for a new career or looking at companies that they wish to work for. It is also realistic to acknowledge that some jobs are easier to fill than others. Whether it is location, hours, or the job description itself, many roles can be difficult to fill due to a lack of interest from potential candidates. So, what can be done to make these roles more attractive?


Focus on your Brand


In this situation, you need to sell yourself as a company that a candidate would want to work for. While you do need to be specific about the job role, responsibilities and location, focusing on your employer brand and what you offer outside of the basics is extremely important. Target the candidates you are seeking and speak their language. Why would someone want this job? Tell the candidate what’s in it for them.


Beef Up Your Job Posting

From an AgCareers.com survey of 400+ jobseekers, 79% stated that the company’s image/reputation is important or very important when considering applying to an opening. Most job seekers are also discouraged by postings without salary info and employers with poor websites.


So, take a look at what you offer! Do you have any unusual benefits or a company culture that sets you apart from the rest? This should definitely be highlighted in your job postings to entice candidates to apply. It is also important to be honest about all you highlight in your job posting because even if you do find the right candidate, retaining that employee becomes the next step and is more difficult if the perks you highlighted in your posting were not completely accurate.


Bottom line, be as clear as possible with your job posting details and include anything that sets you apart from your competitors as an employer! Be honest about the details that maybe are not attractive to candidates, but keep the focus on the things that ARE attractive. And for some help, you can always refer to our job posting checklist on the AgCareers.com website.

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