Generation Z: Anticipated Workplace Behaviors

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generation z vs millennialWe are welcoming a new generation into the workplace, Generation Z. Born after 1998, they are also sometimes referred to as Centennials or iGeneration. Gen Z’ers are your new high school graduates and upcoming college students that will be looking for internships and finding their first job in the next few years.


What can we expect to experience with this new generation of employees?


This is the first completely digitized generation that has always been connected to the internet and as expected, they are proficient in technology.  Youth making up Generation Z are diverse and are predicted to be independent thinkers and doers.


Goldman Sachs provides a good look at this new employee pool in their video- “Gen Z Matters More than Millennials.” Generation Z tends to be more financially conservative, associate money with success and is very aware of the financial consequences of their decisions.


Being digital natives, Gen Z’ers are online every day and internet reviews are important to them. As an employer recruiting Generation Z, it will be imperative for you to pay attention to your organization’s online reputation and reviews on employer rating sites.


generation z behaviorTechnology is vital to Generation Z and has been the focus of studies and press regarding generational differences. The Center for Generational Kinetics conducted a study, iGen Tech Disruption, examining the technology uses of Gen Z. They found that social media affects Generation Z both internally and externally more than any other generation.  Vine and Instagram were the top platforms to reach Gen Z.


Interestingly, this new generation expects to be more conservative in their cell phone usage at work. In The Center for Generational Kinetics study, only 6% of Gen Z’ers felt it was appropriate to use their cellphone during the workday, whereas 18% of Millennials thought it was appropriate.


Build the talent pipeline of this new generation to your organization. Harness the unique skills and qualities Gen Z’ers bring to the workplace by utilizing to post your entry-level positions and internships. You may also be interested in a special discussion around Generation Z at our 2017 North American Ag & Food HR Roundtable held in Kansas City, Missouri from August 1-3. Learn more about the Roundtable and get registered.


Later this year, also keep an eye out for a workshop dedicated to building a workplace for Generation Z. Learn more about this workshop now and keep in mind to register for.

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