Fun Things to Do With Interns this Summer

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10518017_801623956538587_1750865164559932594_nWith internships beginning in just a matter of days (or maybe your interns have already arrived!), you’re probably swimming with tasks you’re going to assign them and organizing the sometimes lengthy process of onboarding. With all of that going on, it’s likely you haven’t had much time to think about making them feel welcome outside of work.


You don’t need to babysit your interns outside of work–they are indeed adults–but it may be beneficial to think about a few fun things you could suggest to them for the summer or organize an activity for all company interns. conducts an Internship Benchmark Survey each summer for participating clients, and interns specifically mentioned that intern activities help them “interact and network” with other interns. Also, they’ve chosen your company for a reason: they want to have an experience. A professional experience, yes, but they want to have fun and enjoy their surroundings too. Here are five fun things to do with interns this summer to give them an unforgettable experience they’re sure to tell their connections about.


5 Fun Things to Do With Interns This Summer


Suggest Points/Events of Interest in the Area


If you’re monumentally busy and don’t have much time to devote to your interns having fun outside of work, simply suggesting area activities and events goes a long way. Let them know some of your favorite restaurants nearby, the best farmer’s market in the area, or where they should spend some time shopping this summer. Share some great sightseeing or fun activities in the vicinity of their internship location. These might include museums, state parks, breweries, entertainment districts, specialty shops, or annual summer events. If you operate out of a more rural location, let your intern know that the local county fair has the best onion rings or that a nearby town festival booked a great band. Consider making a list of area attractions or events to give to your intern(s) so they can pursue these activities on their own.


Organize an Intern & Employee Networking Event


Organizing an internal networking event is a great way to provide an easy event to engage interns. Invite all company interns to a company breakfast or dinner at your location or at a favorite area restaurant. Company networking events are a great way for interns to network with other employees and interns. For example, some interns working in human resources may never cross paths with interns in engineering otherwise. This allows them to meet and mingle. If you only have one intern for the summer, consider taking them out to dinner with all company employees so they can get to know them on a more personal level. Many cities and metropolitan areas also have chamber of commerce events catered specifically to interns in the area. Suggest these events to your intern(s).


Organize a Fun Night / Weekend Outing


Go with your intern(s) on an activity or to an event. has done a painting class with one of our former interns (see above photo). A client of ours located in Des Moines takes their interns to a concert at the Iowa State Fair at the end of their internships each summer. It’s a good way to say thank you for their work with your organization.


Bring them to Industry or Company Events


Getting your intern(s) out of the office can make a huge impact on their overall experience. The team brings our summer intern to our Ag & Food HR Roundtable event each year. If you’re headed to a trade show or a conference, have your intern tag along so they can experience it as well. These events often give the intern the opportunity to learn or expand upon a skill as well like speaking with customers. Or maybe your organization attends lunch-and-learn’s now and then; bring your intern along!


Get Involved in the Community


Another activity to refer your intern to if they find themselves bored during the summer is to get them involved in the community. This is especially great for rural areas. Have your intern get involved on the local county fair board or volunteer their time to an organization in need of help. If in a larger area, suggest that your intern get involved with the local United Way or Big Brothers/Big Sisters organization.


Want to know other must-do’s as the manager of an intern? Check out this newsletter article by Ashley Collins,’s Education and Marketing Manager.

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