Formally Reviewing Interns

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formally reviewing internsHopefully, your interns are getting into the swing of things, learning and exploring the industry. But how are they doing? We’ve all hear that this generation desires constant feedback. Interns continue to tell us they want to hear from employers regularly, sharing positive feedback and constructive criticism. “Let me know how I’m doing!”


We know from our internship research that almost 75% of agricultural companies formally review their interns. Likewise, interns say one of the ways to improve an internship program is by giving performance reviews!


If you’re past or approaching the half-way point in the internship, formally reviewing interns is a must-do at their midpoint. We recommended giving a review midway through the internship, along with one at the end. The mid-point review allows interns the opportunity to make changes and improvements to finish out their internship on a high note. Interns ask for you to be clear on their responsibilities and obligations; the mid-point is a good time to double-check their task and project progress and make any needed adjustments to deadlines and workload.


Formally reviewing interns at the end of their internships is crucial to the entire experience. Not only are you giving the intern much desired and needed feedback, but you can guide them in their future career search. Go over their accomplishments so they can add these to their resume. Provide guidance on future opportunities in your organization.


It is vital that you also ask interns for their feedback. Was the internship what they expected? What did they learn? What could you do to make it better?   If you are looking for more insight from your interns, consider participating in the Internship Benchmark Survey next year. This survey provides your company with a student evaluation of your program in an industry benchmarking format, both at the beginning and the end of the experience. Find out more information here.

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