Finding the Right Talent is Hard

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FINDING THE RIGHT TALENTRecruiting ain’t easy! I feel like I could make money at the Ag & Food Roundtable selling bumper stickers or t-shirts with that motto. Not just the act of recruiting but achieving the ultimate end goal of finding the right fit for the job, the company, the culture and the employee! Here a few creative methods to finding the right talent:
1. This first one is not rocket science but I honestly feel like many employers forget that this tool is in their toolbox. Previous candidates. Not to be confused with previous employees, which is another creative method. If you are using an applicant tracking system or just a folder of resumes on your desk check back through those resumes! In some cases, they weren’t a fit and they won’t be a fit, but others may have just applied to the wrong job or timing wasn’t right. Maybe they turned down your offer for another that hasn’t turned out so well. No one wants to be the second fiddle but we all like to be given a second chance!


2. References. Not your own, but the ones who’ve helped you find the great employees you have now! Great people surround their self with other great people and you don’t know until you ask. If someone has served as a reference for someone else, they’re probably the type of person who is keeping their eye open for others. Reach back out to those references and make sure they know about current openings you have.


3. Focus groups of similar employees. This is a little different approach to an employee referral program. Pull together your current employees who are in similar roles as those you’re trying to fill and ask them, ‘where would I find you today to make you aware of the job opportunity?’ You may learn a few new tricks and places for finding talent.


4. When you happen to be traveling for work, and as luck would have it the conference you’re attending just happens to be in the same city as your competitor. Stay at the hotel across the street from headquarters. The hotel where they’re visiting employees and candidates in town for job interviews would stay. Wear your company attire. They don’t call it an elevator pitch for nothing.


want to attend a5. Virtual career fairs. Career fairs are great because the people who attend them are actively seeking a new career. Virtual career fairs are great because they are virtual, making it much more cost effective for your organization and they allow you to have multiple representatives, HR, managers, subject matter experts, in attendance to answer job seeker questions. Don’t be fooled by the name, virtual career fairs aren’t just for entry level and internship roles, candidates at all levels use technology to connect with employers. is offering two virtual career fairs this fall. One on September 27, 2016, for those job seekers who have their resume within the Resume Database. So if you’re an employer who has used the creative approach of searching databases this takes that a step further with an opportunity to actually chat with those candidates. The second, on October 6, 2016, is targeted to the Skill & Trade community within agriculture. Those with a two-year/diploma or technical degree, seeking careers in areas like welding, fabricating, truck driving, operations, and other technical roles.


Watch this recording for more information about how a virtual career fair works and find more information on who is attending and get signed up today!


I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that you should also be posting your openings on! Remember if you don’t ask, you will not receive. So get creative and start asking for your next great employee!

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