More Engaging Alternatives to Using Powerpoint

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Do you know about presentation alternatives to Powerpoint? Personally, I did not have a lot of experience with presentation alternatives. I had used Prezi and Google Slides in college but those three were the extent of my knowledge.


The topic for this blog was geared toward some Powerpoint alternatives for meetings, so I did a little bit of research into some other options. Below are my initial thoughts as I was exploring the different avenues. For some insight on my perspective, I am a Millennial but have still been known to ask my younger siblings for help on technology. So here we go.


Google Slides
This is what I used most often in college. It is free and you can work with users from multiple locations (great for group presentations!). It is user-friendly, provides templates and helps center your text. No complaints here!

This is another one I have used in the past. Prezi has a basic level that is free, although your presentation is then open for anyone to view. You can select your industry to search for templates – they specifically had one for HR which was nice. There were a handful of options to use with the free version but the majority required payment.


I liked this one. After creating a profile, you are asked if this is for business or personal use, then are presented with additional options afterward, such as social media, posters, invitations, presentations, etc. I clicked on presentation and wow templates! There were many to choose from. You can customize everything easily, the template I chose had 25 slide options. You could also add in apps like Google Maps, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.


This one was a little bit more overwhelming, having just looked at Canva. I had to click around quite a bit to start a new presentation. I would say it isn’t quite as user-friendly, the first toolkit shown had 900 scenes. Perhaps most people use this avenue for something more complex than a presentation, and if that is what you are looking for it may be a good fit. But it was a little bit too much for a simple presentation.


This one I liked as well. There were some free options, and a lot of premium choices. I explored the free option a little bit and found some nice features. There are pre-made charts that you can use, although again most choices were for premium users. One tool that I liked was an option to add a map, and then change the colors for a specific country. I thought it was quite user-friendly.


Slidebean had some templates to choose from, but once I chose one it took so long to load my presentation that I moved on to the next option. Ain’t nobody got time for that.


This one was very plain, not as user-friendly. It didn’t have any templates that I could see, but there was a poll option that was nice. Swipe may be a good tool for specific times you are asking for opinions.


Haiku deck
No free option – didn’t look any farther. We all know we have budgets to meet!


And thus, my simple summary on some findings to Powerpoint alternatives. I hope these options help spice up your meetings!


Check your meetings; check this article.

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