employee recognitionAre your employees awesome? Are they being recognized for it? When projects or times are challenging, or when major changes are happening to your organization, it’s especially important to recognize employees when they rise above challenges and still produce quality work.


The 2015-2016 AgCareers.com Agribusiness HR Review reported: “To keep employees challenged and productive in their roles, 80.22% of respondents have a bonus system in place. Other approaches to motivate employees included training and development (75.85%), promotion (62.64%), and notably succession/career planning (47.25%).” 91.21% of all company participants that took the AgCareers.com Agribusiness HR Review noted that staff performance was linked to a reward.


With all that being said, it’s clear that employee recognition does indeed matter. But when major bonuses, training or promotions aren’t available, there are subtle, less budget-tightening ways to recognize your employees for their effort. You don’t need to hold a Dundies award ceremony, but here are a few ways to uniquely recognize employees.


Employee Recognition Ideas


Silent Recognition


AgCareers.com implemented what we call a “Bleed Green” recognition reward beginning last year. The company’s leadership team nominated employees who had gone above and beyond what was expected of them and exhibited outstanding pride for the company each quarter. Once an employee was agreed upon, their manager would reward that employee with a gift card and an extra day of paid time off. This was done secretly, however, so that the managers could continue to have an unbiased view of their employees’ work. Meanwhile, the employee that was awarded is left with that same quiet satisfaction of recognition.


Investment in their Growth


Training and development were mentioned above, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that your company needs to pick up the tab on an employee’s graduate education. Simply sending them to a short one-day conference locally is a mutually beneficial way to let your employee know that you are pleased with the work they’re doing and want to see them continually improve. The employee will then know that their personal development is valued by their company. Examples could be a local advocacy event, a short seminar on skills like photography or farm safety, or exclusive networking events.


Recognition for Extra Hours


An employee that puts in many extra hours not expecting anything in return should earn some recognition. Arrange for a dinner with their significant other at a popular restaurant or get them tickets for an upcoming leisure event in the area like a game or a concert once their busy time is through.


Verbal Recognition


Even just verbally recognizing particular employees at meetings or company get-togethers can make a big difference. Everyone wants to know that their work is appreciated and valued, and simply saying their name and what they’ve been a big help with lately can make all the difference in continued performance.


Recognition and rewards can play a large factor in building an accountable workforce. Check out this webinar by AgCareers.com President Eric Spell

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