Diversity & Inclusion in a Small Company

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In today’s world, the power of diversity is no secret. Small businesses may wonder what’s in it for them and how they can use diversity to propel their business. Companies that excel in diversity and inclusion are more likely overall to succeed as a company. In addition, companies that have a greater ability to attract and utilize a diverse employee base are able to bring different ideas to the table, approach a problem from a different standpoint, and connect with a wider customer base. Also, business that leverage their employees’ diverse backgrounds can in turn garner greater respect from employees and customers as well.


Developing a diversity and inclusion program may seem like an initiative only designated for larger companies, but small companies can create a program that is just as powerful. If you feel like your company has a bit of work to do in the diversity department, start with formulating a diversity vision statement. Think about the future ideal state of a diverse and inclusive culture and why diversity is important. The development of a diversity mission statement will also be helpful. A statement that solidifies and declares what it means that your company values diversity is an excellent starting point.


Next determine your policy on diversity. How will your organization commit to creating an inclusive work environment that fosters development and growth for all employees? In addition, you may want to develop a few simple goals related to diversity for the upcoming year. Maybe you would like to recruit from various sources, provide training to employees, or develop a network to help propel minority groups within your organization. These small steps may lead to more pronounced diversity initiatives across your company. Putting down on paper what your diversity program will look like may take a little bit of time, but with proper planning you will have a well-established diversity program within your organization, no matter the size.


Simply put, a diverse business is a successful business. A company made of employees with a wide array of backgrounds are better able to meet today’s challenges. Diversity will always be a good idea, and inclusive culture should be communicated and practiced throughout the company. After all, wouldn’t you want to be a part of an organization that values and respects everyone?


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