What Your Candidates Will Evaluate in the Interview

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evaluate interviewBehind only communication, the interview process is the second most influential candidate experience. AgCareers.com asked job seekers about their experiences in the 2018 AgCareers.com Candidate Experience Survey. Candidates will evaluate potential employers during the interview, with a direct impact on offer acceptance rates.


Talent Board has consistently found the top reason candidates drop out of the recruiting process is their perception that an employer disrespected their time during an interview. This can be caused by a manager running 30 minutes late to an interview, an interviewer being ill-prepared, or the actual job not being as advertised. The AgCareers.com survey found that ensuring the actual job description properly aligns with the job posting had the most influence on how the candidate will evaluate the interview.


The Interviewer


Sufficient preparation by the employer is imperative to make sure the interviewer asks relevant questions, the second most influential factor in creating a positive interview experience. Interviewers’ personalities and knowledge also are influential.
Make sure your interviewer can passionately discuss and demonstrate your organization’s core values, mission, and vision. The interviewer should be able to tell the candidate how the role their interviewing for fits into and impacts the organization overall. Plus be ready to discuss continuing education, development programs, mentors and advancement opportunities.


Ag employers report that technical roles are the most difficult to recruit for. These recruiting circumstances necessitate involvement from current employees that are well-versed in the technological or role-specific language, truly understand what the job entails, and can “talk the talk” to a potential new colleague.


Besides the interviewer, candidates also want to hear from potential coworkers and managers they may work for. Can employees talk directly with potential new hires about their job, what they like and why they stay?


During the interview, give feedback, but don’t stop there…ask for feedback. This creates a sense of fairness, shows your commitment to your employees and the hiring process. Invite questions (the interviewer needs to listen more than talk).
Set post-interview expectations. What are the next steps? Outline the hiring process timeline and expectations. When do you expect to make a hiring decision? How will you be in contact (phone, email, etc.)?


The important part that is simple, but easily forgotten in our busy schedules when we rush to move on to the next thing, is to EXPRESS GRATITUDE. Thank the candidate for their time, always (even if you aren’t going to hire them)!


Find out more about the AgCareers.com Candidate Experience Survey here.

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