Why Your Business Needs a Dress Code

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dress codeDress code in the workplace can be a tricky topic. Whether you work for a large or small company, you have most likely addressed this subject at one point or another. Questions surrounding this topic that may come up include, how do we decide what the dress code is? Or, why is a dress code important?


The dress code is established based on the kind of work your organization does and who/what they will be encountering every day. The dress code may change from day to day depending on your activities, but each organization should create a baseline for their employees. Here are a few reasons why dress codes in the workplace are important.


Company Branding


Creating an image is much more than a catchy slogan on a business card or company logo. if you work for a specific company, you must match the company image. For example, Lawyers don’t enter the courtroom in their gym attire and professional athletes don’t prepare for a game in a suit and tie. If you are representing a company, you want your clothing to reflect the company’s values and match the industry and type of clients you are serving. Dress codes and wearing company attire can instill a sense of pride and responsibility in employees, everyone should want to wear their company name proudly.


Increased Productivity


Not only do dress codes look more professional to your clients and the public eye, but they may also help you be more productive in the workplace as well. There is something about getting ready in the morning and putting on nice clothing that stimulates the brain rather than throwing on sweats and not caring about your appearance. Some situations may call for more casual clothing, like if you are visiting a client in the field or worksite. Make sure you dress appropriately for whatever comes your way during the day while still following your companies’ guidelines.



Same Playing Field


Unless you are required to wear a company uniform, you don’t necessarily have to look synonymous, but one person should not stick out more than another. Having a clear dress code will prevent employee confusion and awkward situations. Dress codes may also outline appropriateness and help employees understand what is expected of them in the workplace. When researching different dress codes, you can get a wide variety of responses but if you follow the workplace dress code 101, you can create a clear guide to meets your businesses needs.

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