Building a Diverse Workplace – Don’t Just Talk the Talk

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creating a diverse workplaceIn 2018 conducted our initial U.S. Workplace Diversity Survey to better understand how the agriculture industry measured up in attracting and retaining employees of diversity. The survey results contained a wealth of valuable information an insight and demonstrated that even though we’ve outgrown stereotypes about the demographics of our workforce, there is certainly room for improvement as the agriculture industry strives to foster diverse workplaces.


Encouraging responses from the survey included over half of respondents indicating that their recruitment strategies are aimed at increasing the diversity represented in their organization. The number one reason organizations said they are intentional about recruiting diverse candidates, was to build an environment of different perspectives and experiences. One employer commented, “…we are finding the more diverse our workforce, the better the business decisions and results.”


Continuing to focus on recruitment of candidates, the survey asked respondents if it is a challenge to recruit diverse employees and nearly half reported “yes.” As a follow up question, these organizations were asked to rank their challenges in recruiting diverse employees and the number one response was “lack of diverse applicants.”


In response to this recruitment challenge is hosting a Diversity in Agriculture Virtual Career Fair March 7. This virtual fair is an excellent way for North American employers to tap into an active job seeker pool of diverse candidates interested in pursuing agricultural careers! The fair will attract candidates from a host of demographics, including diversity of thought and experiences.


Virtual career fairs lower recruiting costs by saving employers time, travel expenses and staff required to participate in all day, on-site events. Instead you can connect with hundreds of job seekers through online chat rooms during hours you set for your organization.


Job seekers want to work for organizations that welcome diversity in its most traditional sense, as well as a broader scope that accounts for diversity of thought and experiences. If your organization is committed to building a diverse workplace, don’t just talk the talk. Take the steps to demonstrate your commitment- starting with registering for the Diversity in Agriculture Virtual Career Fair.

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