talentWith the low unemployment rate and current market conditions we are seeing an increased effort by employers to retain the talent they have as well as find passive talent in unconventional ways.


We found that companies wanted to build targeted brand awareness and influence the right passive talent, so we created Custom Talent Sourcing. This cost-effective solution allows you to concentrate your job promotion efforts on a very specific talent pool. We handle the leg work for you to promote your job through the appropriate platforms and engage experienced industry talent through our social networks and extensive candidate community. You can view the Custom Talent Sourcing package details on the AgCareers.com website.


Jeff Hurst – IDO Feed & Supply
General Manager

The AgCareers.com site was easy to use, economical and presented me with many potential candidates. It took 8 weeks to find a new general manager for the company. Using an executive search firm could have cost the company 10 to 15 times more.

Published on September 17th, 2019

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dress codeDress code in the workplace can be a tricky topic. Whether you work for a large or small company, you have most likely addressed this subject at one point or another. Questions surrounding this topic that may come up include, how do we decide what the dress code is? Or, why is a dress code important?


The dress code is established based on the kind of work your organization does and who/what they will be encountering every day. The dress code may change from day to day depending on your activities, but each organization should create a baseline for their employees. Here are a few reasons why dress codes in the workplace are important.

Published on May 16th, 2019

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challengesAgriculture professionals from in and around the Kansas City area gathered on April 3, 2019 in Overland Park, Kansas to discuss their top talent acquisition challenges. The peer networking group was compromised of 23 representatives from 18 different companies of all sizes representing 16 different industry types. The diverse atmosphere and backgrounds made for a great conversation about the challenges each company faces daily when it comes to recruitment.


Among the numerous topics that were discussed in each group, 3 key issues rose to the top. Retention, Remote Locations & Transportation and Career Pathing. While some of the organizations participating differed in industry type, they could all relate with these topics.



Retention Challenges


It’s no surprise that this topic quickly rose to the top for each representative. As we talked through this issue, many suggestions were given, and experiences were shared. Several shared the use of their employee dashboards. These technologies allow employees to take training classes, set yearly goals and communicate with their manager or supervisor. Other specified technologies were also introduced that allow manufacturing training, job qualification and even interview training for supervisors.


Mentor programs were popular among the conversation as well. Pairing entry-level employees or interns with a long-time employee or supervisor kept retention rates at 92% for one company. These types of programs allow the new employee to adapt to the company culture and give them a sense of acceptance and belonging they may be looking for.

Published on April 25th, 2019

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woman in the workplaceGender equality in the workplace is a hot topic lately and one that should not be ignored. According to our Gender Roles & Equality in Agribusiness survey that was conducted in 2015, more than 70% of women felt outnumbered by men in agribusiness. The majority of women felt that there was gender inequality in the industry (79%), while only 47% of men felt there was gender inequality in agribusiness. Luckily, more than 80% of both genders felt that the attitude toward a woman working in agribusiness has changed for the better in the past ten years. While this is a large percentage, we still have work to do!


Being a woman in the workplace has never been simple. As females, we tend to have more to worry about how we are being portrayed by our peers and can easily be labeled, negative or otherwise. If we are too nice then we are a pushover but if we are too serious then we may be thought to be mean. We also tend to over-apologize for things that are not necessary and the list goes on! Although it has always been a challenge, we will continue to try to close the gap between genders in the workplace. In the meantime, here are a few tips to winning in the workplace as a woman.


Don’t Take It Personally


Constructive criticism is great for everyone but sometimes it is hard not to take it personally. Make sure that you are a good receiver of criticism because in the end, it only helps our personal development. We are often told we are being too “dramatic” or “emotional” if we are passionate about a certain topic or if we react a specific way. This can be frustrating so keeping a level head in every situation encountered is important.

Published on March 7th, 2019

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agriculture officeUnlike many industries, office views in the agriculture industry can vary quite a bit. Your office may be in the cab of a tractor, out in the open prairie checking on your cattle herd, or in a manufacturing facility.


There are many, however, who still work in a traditional office setting, and if so, there are several things you can do to spice up your office and give it a fun and agricultural flair but still have a functional vibe. If you are like me, your workspace plays a huge role in your productivity so personalizing the space, as well as having an organized one, is an important factor. Here are some fun tips to elevate your “ag style” and stay organized.


Create a Filing System

If you are like me, it doesn’t take long, and random papers start accumulating on my desk and before you know it you have stacks upon stacks! We all know this is not functional, especially when I start looking for that very specific piece of paper and it is nowhere to be found. Having a filing system is important to keeping your documents in order. Some even suggest using a color-coded filing system and separating it into color-coded categories.

Published on November 20th, 2018

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interview feedbackInterviewing candidates for an open role is no easy task. Rejecting a candidate that you have interviewed is even more challenging and something most employers dread. Sending a post-interview rejection email is necessary, but have you ever had a candidate respond wanting feedback from their interview? This can be a tricky situation and some employers are left unsure of how to respond next. When giving interview feedback, not only do you risk upsetting the candidate but you can put your company at a legal risk as well. There are ways to give feedback and keep your reputation without hurting feelings or putting your company at any risk.


Start with the positive!

Just because the candidate was not right for a certain position does not mean they won’t be right for another position elsewhere. Starting off with the positive attributes from the interview will ease the candidates mind when you move on to more constructive and helpful criticisms. Even though they were rejected for the position, being positive boosts the candidate experience with your company.

Published on July 24th, 2018

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