Attracting Military Talent to Your Organization

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military talentIt’s no secret that the relationship between agricultural employers and military professionals and veterans could improve. is continually working toward that with our Ag Warriors program and committed Ag Warrior employers. We also look forward to holding our first Military Virtual Career Fair on November 9 and invite all employers to attend to converse with and recruit military veterans and professionals. In the meantime, a look at’s 2016 survey “Veterans and Military Professionals in the Agricultural Workforce” reveals interesting findings that agricultural employers may take into consideration to attract military talent.


Attracting Military Talent in Agriculture


  1. 1.Understand a veteran’s capabilities. 70% of veterans surveyed wished agricultural employers better understood a veteran’s capabilities when hiring and working with them. Military professionals and veterans come ready to work with characteristics including leadership, accountability, and discipline (top three responses according to veterans). Digging deep into a veteran’s past experiences can be the key to a great hire and a successful relationship with future military candidates.

  3. Meet them where they are. 51% of military veterans felt that they could improve upon industry knowledge. Employers surveyed seemed to agree with 44% saying they felt military candidates lacked knowledge about the agricultural industry and careers. All agricultural employers know that it takes individuals from all backgrounds to continue to grow the industry and expand our organizations’ reach. A positive suggestion to this challenge is to take the time to educate military employees about the industry while integrating them into their new role. Pair them with a mutual military mentor within your organization to bridge those gaps.

  5. Adapt. When asked whether or not military professionals felt that their employers made allowances for military commitments such as drill or training, most participants neither agreed nor disagreed that they felt employers were willing to adapt. Furthermore, 20% of organizations surveyed provided no direct compensation support to military employees during their times of commitment. In order for military professionals who are currently active or still committed to their military duties to be drawn toward agricultural organizations, it’s important that those organizations adapt to their lifestyle and commitments as well. Discuss how you can adjust your company policies and human resources to better fit this valuable military talent pool.


More than anything, it’s always the best policy to be welcoming and receptive to hiring military talent. Put your company and your employers to the test: join us November 9 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Eastern for our Military Virtual Career Fair. The cost to attend for professionals is only $395 until October 13.

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