Agribusiness HR Review Illustrates Industry Trends

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What are other agribusinesses doing to recruit and retain talent?  What about salary increases in the industry?  More than 100 agribusiness companies participated in the 2014-2015 Agribusiness HR Review to answer these questions and provide other valuable market knowledge, data and trends.


The survey found that most agribusinesses continue to find employee referrals and networks the most effective means of attracting prospective applicants to their organization.  Referrals were followed by the use of industry specific job boards (i.e. ) and college and university recruitment.  The use of social networks or social media to support recruitment efforts nearly doubled from just last year in the U.S.  More than 50% of agribusinesses in North America are now using social media and social networks for recruitment.  The number could easily be as high as 75% in the coming year, based on the projection of those planning to begin using these outlets.


The majority of companies shared they were able to compete against other employers for talent by primarily offering better benefits.  Companies also indicated they are paying close attention to compensation.  More than half of the survey participants had performed a compensation market study within the last two years; three out of four of those had completed the review within the past twelve months.  Employees within agriculture typically saw salary increases between 2% to 3% in the last year.  In addition, more than 95% of North American ag companies said some or all staff are likely to see increases in the coming year.  Ag employers will need to continue to engage and motivate employees through a variety of ways including compensation, benefits, training and development, promotion, flexibility and beyond to retain high performers.


In an encouraging note, nearly 70% of U.S. ag companies and over 50% of Canadian ag companies expect their workforce to increase in size within the next two years according to the HR Review.


Want to know more about what other ag companies are doing to engage, retain and recruit?  Find out about performance rewards, training programs, salary reviews, retirement trends and more in the full Agribusiness HR Review report available to download free:


2014-2015 U.S. Agribusiness HR Review

2014-2015 Canadian Agribusiness HR Review

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