Success Story: Sierra-Cascade Nursery, Inc.

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Sierra Cascade finds success with AgCareers.comRichard Flores, Human Resources Manager for Sierra-Cascade Nursery, recently located an excellent hire via I spoke with Richard about his success story using for their job posting advertising.


Tell me about Sierra-Cascade as a business. 
Sierra-Cascade Nursery is dedicated to providing the highest quality nursery products possible using the most sustainable practices available. For over 30 years SCN has been an industry leader due to our commitment to innovation, integrity, and to employing talented and hardworking people. Though strawberry plants are our main crop, SCN also grows raspberry plants, mint root, endive root, cilantro, asparagus crowns, grain seed and hay.


How is 2016 looking for the company? Do you see any hiring needs to change in the coming years?
The future looks bright for Sierra-Cascade Nursery. Our plants are desired by many growers throughout the state and our reputation speaks for itself. The drought in California will play a key part in determining our hiring needs for the future. With no water, I do not anticipate any growth.


What’s your impression of the resumes that come through to you from
I am impressed with the resumes that we receive through the site. We receive resumes from people that have many years of agricultural experience to newly graduated college students that want to get their careers started.

Do you find that a niche, ag-focused job board is important for Sierra-Cascades posting and hiring needs?
Most definitely, At SCN, we feel that there is no better way to post open positions. Ag-focused job boards help us find the most qualified candidates. Before I became familiar with, I posted an Ag related position on Career Builders and the quality of resumes that I received were poor in relation to the ones SCN receives from AgCareers.


You mentioned you had made a few hires from the site. What stood out to you about Marie compared to the other applicants that came through? What role was she applying for?


SCN has been very successful in finding talented hardworking individuals through We hired Marie Bays in April of 2012 as Field Operations Supervisor. Through hard work and determination she has received two promotions. The first promotion being to Cash Crop Manager and then to Berry Crop Manager.


Do you have any other thoughts or impressions on you’d like to add? has been a great resource for Sierra-Cascade Nursery and our hiring needs. Their account representatives are great at providing feedback and at offering suggestions on how to present our ads. can help fulfill your hiring needs as well. Visit today to set up an account and post a job.

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