5 Ways to Use Social Media to Recruit Ag Talent

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Use social media to recruitSocial Media has become a necessary evil. According to our the 2015-2016 Agribusiness HR Review, 74% of companies used or planned to use social media to recruit ag talent, but how? We have a growing love-hate relationship with it and deciding whether or not it is or isn’t appropriate to use for work is a constant debate in board rooms. When it comes to recruitment, having the time, resources, and knowing the best ways to utilize social media is key. If you don’t have a website, starting with one is key to your social media presence and recruiting online. This will allow you to have a centralized location that your social media account(s) will link back, to share more about your company culture. To streamline your social media efforts here are 5 ways to use social media to recruit ag talent!


5 Ways to Use Social Media to Recruit


1. Either creating your own following on Facebook or utilizing the AgCareers.com Facebook page which has already established a following with agriculture job seekers is a great way to post your job openings and connect with job seekers, passive and active. Facebook also allows others to share posts to their own following, or send it to a friend. This is a great way to capitalize on Facebook followers. AgCareers.com also offers a consulting service to help your company build its social media presence.


2. Spending money on Facebook ads can help increase a target area on seeing your posts. AgCareers.com offers this option to our partnership clients.


3. #AgChat is a perfect avenue to get connected in the ag community with ag leaders on Twitter. Look for topics that relate to your business, and get in on the discussion. This will bring attention to your business and increase your traffic when advertising job openings.


4. Creating your own hashtag can help job seekers see current jobs quickly on your social media sites. #IamAgCareers is our current social media campaign. You could use a similar layout to ours but feature your own company name. When AgCareers.com features companies’ jobs on our social media avenues we utilize their hashtags and campaigns to help attract job seekers to other jobs you may have open as well.


5. Colleges and universities are great about featuring companies that hire new grads and their alumni. Reach out to Career Services and see if you can capitalize on their social media efforts. Whether it’s giving you a shout out or allowing you to have a profile on their webpages.


While we think these are all great tips, the best advice we can give to recruit is to post a job on AgCareers.com. Best of luck on your social media recruitment!

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