5 Best Pieces of Recruiting Advice

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recruiting advice“That is what learning is. You suddenly understand something you’ve understood all your life, but in a new way.”
– Doris Lessing
Here is a statement that hopefully we can all relate to, the importance of learning even when you think you are a “master” of the trait. Recruiting methods have evolved and it is important to learn from your peers and to keep up with the changes to best attract the candidates you are searching for. We have compiled a list of some of the best advice recruiters have received.


5 Best Pieces of Recruiting Advice


1. The importance of a good job description

Many do not realize the true importance of a well-written job description. Don’t just give the job seekers the basics. Make sure you are appealing to the A+ candidates and use this as an opportunity to brand the company. Set yourself apart and ask yourself, “Would this job description make me want to apply to this position and/or leave the current job I am at?”


2. Utilize the talent you already have

Don’t forget that you may have an existing employee that would be a great fit for this open role. Give your employees the opportunity to grow and to be challenged.


3. Are you willing to train?

Be willing to train! You can’t train the character of an individual or their work ethic. Don’t lower the bar to find someone that may be able to do the job now, but does not have the work ethic or character to back it up. Set your bar high and be willing to train where necessary.


4. Actually prepare for the interview

Prepare for the interview and actually ask good questions! Throw out any cliché questions such as “Tell me a little about yourself.” Ask some behavioral questions that allow you to understand the thought process and behaviors of the candidate. Allow yourself and the candidate to better understand each other and expectations. This will assist in finding that right fit for the role.


5. Stay up with the times

Along with many other things in life, recruiting is evolving. It is important that you are staying up with the new trends. Understand the candidate pool you are seeking and target them. Whether this be local networking events, educational outreaches or social media, it is important to be in front of your candidate pool and to build on your company’s brand and reputation.


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