4 Ways to Appeal to the Non-Ag Student

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appealing to the non-ag studentRecruiting for your openings can be difficult, especially when you are an ag company looking for students without agricultural backgrounds or degrees. When your entry-level accountant position is open, do you really need an employee that understands the industry, or just a really good accountant? Now finding recruiting strategies that do not cause you to have two separate recruitment strategies or spend twice as much money on your recruitment needs can be a little difficult. However, you will be amazed at how AgCareers.com can be a resource for non-ag students! In 2015, 35% of our applicants held a non-ag degree and 41% of applicants were currently in a non-ag related occupation.


A few ways to strategically recruit non-ag students may be:


1. Look into attending non-ag career fairs or entire college career fairs. This allows you to interact personally with those students. A new option that we are launching this fall is the AgCareers.com Virtual Career fair. With over 35% of our job seeker community not currently in or with a background in agriculture you can interact with them from your desk. No travel fees, or wasting excessive amounts of time makes a virtual career fair the perfect place to recruit!


2. Promote the benefits of working at your business that aren’t centered around the ag-culture. Does your company offer great 401k matching options? Highlight the perks to the job that could really sell it to anyone! Each year AgCareers.com asks employers to participate in an Agribusiness HR Review. This has all the best HR practices from the past year, from recruitment, bonus options, HR staff ratio, and more. Participating in the survey can help you stay on top of the new trends right before college recruitment begins! You may request a link to participate until August 1st!


3. Resume databases are a great way to find quality talent that might not have an ag background or degree. AgCareers.com has hundreds of qualified, non-ag majors in our resume database. Anytime you purchase a job posting package you receive 2 weeks of complimentary access to the resume database! Post your openings today!


4. Participate in compensation benchmarking to ensure that you are offering competitive salaries for your non-ag positions. AgCareers.com’s Compensation Benchmark Review has over 220 positions that we benchmark annually, and many fall into non-ag and more administrative positions. This also allows you to see other benefits that employers may offer to make your recruitment more successful!


Now you have a few resources to add to your recruitment strategies! If you have any questions or would like to run any ideas by our team, please contact your account manager today!

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