talentWith the low unemployment rate and current market conditions we are seeing an increased effort by employers to retain the talent they have as well as find passive talent in unconventional ways.


We found that companies wanted to build targeted brand awareness and influence the right passive talent, so we created Custom Talent Sourcing. This cost-effective solution allows you to concentrate your job promotion efforts on a very specific talent pool. We handle the leg work for you to promote your job through the appropriate platforms and engage experienced industry talent through our social networks and extensive candidate community. You can view the Custom Talent Sourcing package details on the AgCareers.com website.


Jeff Hurst – IDO Feed & Supply
General Manager

The AgCareers.com site was easy to use, economical and presented me with many potential candidates. It took 8 weeks to find a new general manager for the company. Using an executive search firm could have cost the company 10 to 15 times more.

Published on September 17th, 2019

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Do you know about presentation alternatives to Powerpoint? Personally, I did not have a lot of experience with presentation alternatives. I had used Prezi and Google Slides in college but those three were the extent of my knowledge.


The topic for this blog was geared toward some Powerpoint alternatives for meetings, so I did a little bit of research into some other options. Below are my initial thoughts as I was exploring the different avenues. For some insight on my perspective, I am a Millennial but have still been known to ask my younger siblings for help on technology. So here we go.


Google Slides
This is what I used most often in college. It is free and you can work with users from multiple locations (great for group presentations!). It is user-friendly, provides templates and helps center your text. No complaints here!

Published on September 12th, 2019

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motivation in 2020I did not set out to write about motivation…there are likely thousands of blog posts out there with tips on how to motivate your team. Motivation was just on my mind as I thought about goal setting for the coming year. Therefore, this post just came about from a place of personal reflection and intention.


A team’s success is closely tied to how motivated they are to win, so as leaders, we can feel a lot of pressure and responsibility when it comes to motivation. There are so many factors that affect motivation; it’s hard to know what we actually need to DO day in and day out to motivate our teams. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a magic list of what to do and exactly how to motivate each individual team member? The keyword there being individual…..as unfortunately, what motivates us is different for every person. That magic list is a little easier to nail down these days with the abundance of personality assessments available to outline what drives each type of personality. However, things can get a little tricky when you add the complexity of your own personality as a leader to the mix. Of course, it’s always a good practice to simply ask a team member what motivates them. Although, having been on the other side of that conversation, I can say it can feel like there are certain answers that might be more well-received than others.

Published on September 5th, 2019

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