Why WAIT to Apply

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why wait to applyI know the feeling: seeing the job posting that you think could be your dream career and wanting to apply immediately. Hold on! Before you frantically type up your application, upload your resume, and hit “Submit,” think about how that might appear to your employer. Typically, employers can tell who hastily applied to their open positions, and trust me, it’s a turn-off from the get-go. I’ve sat on the other end and watched applications spill in for a position just posted less than an hour ago. Even though you may be excited, it sends the message that you’re sloppy and uninformed (and maybe even entitled). Here are a few reasons to wait to apply to a job posting that will likely make you look more impressive to employers.


Why WAIT to Apply to a Job


Do Your Research.


Do you even know what the company does that you’re applying to? Make sure that you’ve checked out the company and the position through and through before beginning the application process. You may find that the company has an unfavorable reputation or that their values do not align with your own. If this is a long-term career move, you’ll want to wait to apply to be sure that the company you’re working for is one that you can stand behind.


Furthermore, have you read the job description thoroughly? For starters, there may be qualifications that you don’t meet, but there also might be tasks or parts of the job that aren’t as enticing or maybe even a deal-breaker. Be sure that when you apply, you’re ready or at least can answer for everything listed in the job description.


Tailor, Tailor, Tailor.


Now that you’ve done your research and feel confident that this job is for you, it’s time to tailor your application materials to best fit the position and the company. Update your resume to include previous positions and experiences that align best with the one you’re applying for. Highlight previous duties or projects that are relevant to what you might be doing in this new job. In your cover letter, explain how your values and interests pair nicely with the company you are applying to work for and express your passion and excitement for the job you’re applying for with specific examples found in the posting and your resume. If you wait to apply and work diligently at getting your application materials just right, it makes all the difference.


Edit & Spell Check.


Feeling good about your application materials? Before you send them in, go over them with a fine tooth comb. Be sure that your resume and cover letter don’t have any errors in them, whether spelling, grammatical, or factual. You may also find places where you could improve upon or places where you’ve maybe exaggerated a little. You’ll want to feel confident and at peace with what you send in.


Establish Some Credit.


If you don’t wait to apply and go forward without legitimate references or a portfolio/work history to back your application up, when the time comes to interview, you’ll be left scrambling. Be sure you have your references lined up who could vouch for you before you apply to a position you’re interested in. Also be sure that your interviewer has some evidence of your work history and quality.


Now that you have some sound knowledge about waiting to apply to a job, put yourself to the test. Research positions open right now on AgCareers.com. Did you know that you can also upload multiple resumes to your AgCareers.com account? This way you can tailor your resume as many times as you’d like! Just remember to keep them straight with unique names.


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