What I Learned Working a Terrible Job

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what i learned working a terrible jobThere is no doubt that many of us have worked or will work at a terrible job at least at one point in our lives. Whether it be a summer job during your high school years, your first job right out of college or even an intermediate job between landing that dream job, we’ve all been there.


Members of the AgCareers.com team share some of their terrible jobs they have worked and what they learned after going through them.


Our Terrible Job Stories


“I took an internship the summer after my junior year of college at a state fair, which I thought would be a great job full of worthwhile experience that I could apply to my future career, but it turned out to be the opposite of what I was expecting. I had no free time and worked most weekends that summer. And hardly any of the work was relevant to my major (communications). I felt like I was just a pack mule and was just there to do the dirty work; I spent that summer moving things, doing inventory, painting, laying bricks, and driving a golf cart through droves of fairgoers. While I was angry that it wasn’t what I had in mind, it did teach me that not everything you expect is going to be in your job description. It takes many hands to accomplish lofty goals, and while mine were not doing what I thought they would be, I was still a part of something bigger and doing my part. And I should have done so more willingly and less proudly.”


– Kristine Penning, Creative Marketing Specialist


“My worst job would be when I took on an overnight stocking jobs at the local department store. I was in University taking more than a full course load, and was already working 2 separate evening jobs at the local pub and the campus alumni house. In trying to make ends meet I thought I was so smart finding a job that was 10pm to 6am, leaving me with lots of time during the day for my course work, classes, and other jobs. Sounded like a good idea anyways…. I think I lasted 3 weeks before realizing that sleeping for a few hours at a time isn’t sustainable for me, or anyone else I know for that matter. I definitely took way too much on and despite my pride had to seek out another loan to get me through the semester. It took completely burning myself out to realize that for me; rest is just as important as financial security and success at school.”


– Shannon Fawns, Eastern Canadian Account Manager


“I’ve grown up and have been involved with the agriculture industry my whole life, went to college and earned an Ag Business degree so of course I wanted to work in the agriculture industry. Living in a very rural area, with limited opportunities was a struggle. I didn’t want to be too picky about my first job right out of college so I ended up working for a diatomaceous earth company. Long story short I was very quickly promoted to a management position after only working two full months for the company. I had tons of responsibility and a new job duties to learn. I worked extremely long hours and weekends so that I could stay on top of the work load and stress that the company was currently going through due to various reason, the biggest was the 6-month strike at the port of Oakland. I worked so many hours and stressed so much about the job that it started to affect my personal relationships, my social life, and my overall health. I ended up being blessed with the opportunity to go back to work in the agriculture industry here at AgCareers.com and am loving every minute. I wouldn’t consider my previous job a terrible one, but definitely one that had lots of life lessons. Find a balance between work life and your personal life. The pile will still be there on your desk the next time, the key is to prioritize. Also, everything happens for a reason. Though that wasn’t my dream job, I learned so many things that help me now with my current job, so no living with regrets!”


– Shelby McArthur- Western U.S. Account Manager


“I have not really had any terrible jobs except for working in the fields picking peppers as a teenager! It was grueling work! I guess what I learned from that job is what my father always told me is right: ‘Hard work never hurt anyone.’ And he is right about that! It didn’t kill me! It instilled a strong work ethic and made me appreciate so much the work that farmers and field workers do.”


– Cynthia Cole- Eastern U.S. Account Manager


These are great examples of one of those “life lessons” that we all go through and that in the long run makes us better people, employees and not only teaches but prepares us for the next opportunity ahead. If you are currently working in a terrible job or one that you aren’t super fond of, check out AgCareers.com for tons of opportunities in agriculture. Or better yet, subscribe to our newsletter to receive new jobs fed to your inbox weekly.

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