Virtual Career Fair Etiquette

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virtual career fair september 5Virtual Career Fairs (VCF’s) are an increasingly popular way to connect with employers, in fact, is hosting a Careers in Agriculture Virtual Career Fair on September 5. A VCF allows you to chat with prospective employers without even having to leave your computer! Just because you don’t have to put on a suit and meet these employers face to face doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the opportunity seriously and prepare for it like you would an on-site career fair.


Here are some tips for how to approach a virtual career fair in a way that will be rewarding for both you and your prospective employer:


• Do your homework beforehand. Just like you would for an on-site fair, you need to take the time to research what employers are registered for the fair. The virtual career fair site will list all registered employers and link to more information about each. Read up on the companies and dig deeper into the ones that interest you. The company will post their chat hours, position locations and what majors they are recruiting.


• Upload your resume when registering. Registered employers will have access to your uploaded resume and may even reach out to you individually before or after the fair if your resume catches their eye. Uploading a current resume gives you an opportunity to be contacted directly!


• Maintain professionalism. Just because you can interact with employers from your couch wearing your favorite t-shirt doesn’t mean that you should. Some employers may request to video chat (read as interview!) with you, so be prepared. Steer clear of using emojis and casual vernacular like LOL. Set up a professional space, free of distractions and clutter.


• Follow up with a thank you. Ask for the contact information of employer representatives that you interact with so that you can follow up with a thank you.


A large group of employers representing several different ag industry sectors have registered for the Careers in Agriculture virtual career fair. Be sure to register (it’s free!) and join us anytime between 11 am – 3 pm Eastern on Thursday, September 5!

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