Produce Careers are Ag Careers

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Veggies - croppedAs team member Lauren Shotwell and I prepare to head out to the Produce Marketing Association (PMA)’s Fresh Summit in Atlanta, GA later this week, I find myself thinking about the fresh produce industry as a whole and the vital part it plays in our lives. As today’s consumer becomes more aware of the importance of produce as part of a healthy diet, demand continues to increase and the industry becomes more diverse. There has never been a better time to be involved in this industry!


PMA FoundationWhen asked what she likes most about working within the produce industry, Menita Villanueva of Ocean Mist Farms stated, “The people!” It is no doubt that the industry is filled with passionate people who love their work and want to foster an environment that welcomes new talent to keep it growing strong.


Rachel Molatore of Taylor Farms echoes that reason and adds that it is more about being part of a greater cause. “Even with the stress of the produce industry, whether it be the uncertainty of weather or market conditions, I find myself always going back. Personally I think it is really a simple answer as to why I do; it is because of the hard-working people that I get to work with each day and the fact that I work in an industry that truly makes a difference in the world we live in.”


Have you considered all the careers in produce? You likely recognize the name of some the top employers in the industry as names you have become familiar with in the produce section at the grocery store. The produce industry seeks talent with a vast range of skills and qualifications, from growers and agronomists, to researchers and quality assurance, to sales and operations, health and safety, human resources…the list goes on and on! And there are many international opportunities as well!


The PMA Foundation for Industry Talent (PMA Foundation) and entered into a unique relationship a few years ago in an effort to advance produce careers. PMA Foundation is dedicated to ensuring a quality workforce for the industry and investing in the lives of current and future produce professionals by helping them develop their highest potential and career success. powers the PMA Foundation’s Career Bank and provides unique service offerings to its members.


Take your first step towards a rewarding career in produce by checking out current openings on today!

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