Interview Nightmares: Employers Share

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10363480_776420482392268_1697296223654200144_nAHH the horror! Interviews can be terrifying for potential candidates, and at times, embarrassing moments occur. We featured an article in our Canadian Employer Guide last year entitled “Interview Nightmares” in which we heard from our social media followers about mortifying interviews they had had in the past. This time around, I connected with a few of our clients who regularly interview candidates about some of the more interesting interviews they’ve conducted. Read through these tell-tale stories and don’t make the same mistakes!


“A few serious deal breakers happen even before an interview because I consider the 90 seconds I have with a student at a career fair to be their first interview. I will absolutely not pass a student through to the actual interview round that approaches my booth and asks me who CPS is and what I can do for them. I’m not sure what kind of reverse psychology they are trying to run on me but I stop listening immediately after that point. If you cannot take the 2 minutes to google who we are and what we do, you do not have the drive that we are looking for in intern candidates.” – Deanna Flynn – Regional Recruiter for Crop Production Services


“We’ve had people say how they really feel about other races and talk so bad about their previous employers. I’ve had candidates come in in shorts and flip flops too.” – Erin Wagoner – Associate Director, Human Resources   for The Maschhoffs


“I had an international candidate who interviewed via Skype. They were having someone else answer my questions in English (the other person was hidden).” – Carlos Gerle – Manager, Training & Development for Smithfield Hog Production Division


“A candidate had a face to face interview with us and was very well spoken and confident. The turning point for her was when she over spoke. She went on and on about how she wants to be an ag lawyer and how this internship wasn’t her first choice and she was just trying to find something for the summer that was mindless. I’m not sure if she hurt my ego that she didn’t think she’d have to engage her mind with our internship or if the fact she spoke 100 miles an hour about herself and her accomplishments that turned us off more, but she did not get a job with us.” – Deanna Flynn – Regional Recruiter for Crop Production Services


While some of these stories may seem like common sense (it’s never okay to show up to an interview in shorts and flip flops), take note and be sure that you’re prepared to make your interview a dream come true instead of a nightmare.

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